1. Great build, so much space! Only nit-picking because it’s pretty damn good but maybe mix up the gym a bit? Rather than two rows of the same thing. Still looks great. Really impressed

  2. Thank you! I’ll have to see if there’s a better way I can tweak the weight room I was just filling some space

  3. Looks alright not my cup of tea lol I usually leave red rocket alone and just used it for personal and only have a couple of people there.. I tend to try and keep it as original as possible

  4. It’s pretty random if you don’t go to the settlement to help during the raid. It doesn’t matter if your defense is 520 or 20 Bethesda kind of fumbled the bag with that one.

  5. Named corpses, like the people in Covenant didn't despawn. So I dragged them to a place I couldn't see them anymore. Out of sight, out of mind. If you play on PC, you can use the console to point at, select and 'mark for delete.' Warning, doing crazy things with the console can and will mess up your game. So don't touch if you're not sure.

  6. I always drag them out in the middle of the road to let the raiders know who the fuck they are dealing with

  7. Riot shotgun from nv and that one suppressed rifle from the fo3s dlc the pit, I can't remember the name

  8. The perforator or infiltrator is the gun you are talking about for fo3

  9. It's better than that trash with the dude from disturbed

  10. What’s wrong with dance in the rain? The lyrics are so on point in that song, “The Fed and the Bankers own all the politicians. May I introduce you to the sons of perdition? Replace the dictators Washington appointed. The Devil Messiahs and the dangerously disappointed I don’t like disturbed but it wasn’t that bad come on

  11. It just overall sounds like it'd make a great intro/outro/theme for Info Wars/Alex Jones. It's like a track that got cut from risk they tried to doll up for world needs a hero, and then cut and forgot and then slapped back together for optimal radio playability featuring an unnecessary guest vocalist from a relatively popular hard rock band. The leads all have the same personality as a bad YouTube "how to play the blues/shred" guide.

  12. I completely respect that and fuck with what your saying. I don’t really tie song lyrics to things like that. Like oh wow this could be an intro to ect…. But I can see how that would annoy you honestly dance in the rain is like the only song I can get down with on that album just because they are talking about the government watching your every move and blah blah blah so when you were like, “I don’t like that” I was like wait come on now don’t take this from me Lmao

  13. Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit

  14. This is so hard there’s every aic song is G.O.A.T status so I don’t know

  15. Jesus Christ literally my top 3 bands in one picture 😂 I love it what’s the signed cd?

  16. I love how you say “controversial take” then argue and call everyone idiots that don’t agree with you lol

  17. Lmaooo nice Eric Andre reference as well, good meme all around 10/10😂

  18. I mean i thought it was funny who doesn’t like hangar 18

  19. I can see that, I had a similar experience. I LOVED fallout 3 so during my 1st play through of New Vegas I always noticed the negative things in New Vegas because I guess I didn’t want it to top my love for fallout 3. Now I would say fallout 3 has the nostalgia, but New Vegas despite being rushed is the better of the two.

  20. Dave mustaine wrote most of the songs on kill ‘‘em all so of course it’s on of their best

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