1. I also want to add (and correct me if I'm wrong about this), but wouldn't any contribution over 8% be better spent on maxing a ROTH IRA (6k) before you go back to contributing to the 401k?

  2. Investing in a ROTH isn’t a sure thing. You’re paying taxes TODAY, when you need the money more. Say you pay 20% taxes. When you take the money out, your tax rate might be lower than 20%. Some president in the future might say that all retirement distributions are not taxed. You don’t know what will happen. I’d rather have the money now, then 'maybe' in the future.

  3. When you say you don’t pay taxes, you mean it comes out of your taxable income for the year. But they’ll pay taxes when they withdraw funds at retirement from the 401k, right? Unless they do Roth which is post tax dollars?

  4. If you put $1000 into your 401k TODAY, you pay $0 in taxes on it TODAY. When you take it out in 40 years, you’ll pay tax depending on what tax bracket you’re in. And if you’re retired and married, your tax bracket might be lower than today.

  5. Mortgage interest really isn’t tax deductible anymore with Trump's tax cuts. Usually taking the standard deduction will be far more advantageous than the mortgage interest deduction.

  6. It’s been around $2 a wing for the past year. At least good, large wings. Pizza places around me have been advertising sides of coconut shrimp, fried shrimp tossed in wing sauces, or chicken fingers, which are all cheaper.

  7. So you think you are entitled to insert your an opinion but others aren’t? Well aren’t you just special.

  8. I’m not attacking you. I had an opinion, and you could have just said ‘I think she’s beautiful'. Instead you attack me. I guess I need to respond back with an attack. You’re such a low character individual.

  9. A person wrote 'she is beautiful' instead of ‘I think she is beautiful' up above. Why aren’t you attacking him/her?

  10. Eat a breakfast before you get there (<$10), $12 for lunch, $15 for dinner. Two snacks for $20. Each day is $55 or so. Totally doable. No reservation dinners, no souvenirs, can be done.

  11. It’s too blurry to tell. If her nipple spills out, it’s a regular bra. Otherwise, a sports bra.

  12. Foreplay is important because it’s dry af down there if u don’t do anything. We complain cuz we don’t want to be in pain when having intercourse

  13. My woman is wet as hell before I even touch her.

  14. 100%, but this goes both ways. Walt is dead and has been dead for a long time. He has no connection to EPCOT the theme park, yet Disney keeps bringing him up and is now evoking him by putting in a statue.

  15. There are literally videos of Walt talking about EPCOT. Saying he has no connection is a blatant lie.

  16. Lindy the aggressive, f-bombing, she-hulk when she doesn’t get what she wants?? Justin would probably lie that he’s put her on his insurance and she’d burn the house down in a rage when she finds out.

  17. Alexis Is by FAR the more aggressive. Justin needs to run fast from her.

  18. What has she done that could be considered aggressive? Become upset/worried when her dog was attacked? Become frustrated and walk away from Justin when he refuses to acknowledge his part in the incident? She can be cold and dismissive to Justin, but to call her aggressive is pretty ridiculous.

  19. 'I know why and you know why' seems to be indicating something racial. Which it’s not at all. Why would you even assume that?

  20. This is extremely worrisome…for my pocketbook. Lol. But seriously, depending on how they go about it, they could make a lot of money with it AND it actually be something people enjoy.

  21. Maybe for every $1,000 you spend on Disney products, you get 1 free day at the parks!

  22. Maybe so the 'presentation' looks good. Yep, booo.

  23. I still get the paper coupons, believe me, there are NO deals in them. The prices in them are just so crazy.

  24. The only deals were the 5 regulars for $10 we got a few months back. I’d have 3 meals for $10. Or 2 meals and the dog got a treat.

  25. I've had this in the past, and while it's good, it's really dry.

  26. Arby's has a horsey sauce, which is horseradish mixed with mayo. I'd like REAL horseradish. They used to offer packets of that but stopped over 5 years ago. I now have to leave a jar of horseradish in the fridge to put on my sandwiches.

  27. I think it’s priced fair, compared to everybody else getting out of control pricing. Prime rib cheesesteak combo for under $10, these days you get 3 small tacos from Taco Bell with a drink for $10.

  28. $11.29 for the combo where I'm at. The sandwich was very meh. I can get a good cheesesteak sub at any sub place for $12. And those are tasty and twice the size.

  29. That's exactly what's wrong with the Disney under the Chapek regime.

  30. Why? I’d love to go with less people. I’d pay more for that. It’s EXACTLY what most people want

  31. But she SOUNDS so cuuuuute. Her voice is cross between a chipmunk and a Care Bear. She can’t be mean or manipulative.

  32. It’s a cool resort. Enjoy it!?! Eat at Kona Cafe and drink at Tambu Lounge and the Grog Grotto!

  33. If you can find them. The map doesn’t help you to find them if you don’t know where you are.

  34. If you paid 4-5 days late they can’t report you to the bureaus. It has to be 30+ days late.

  35. Good information. I did not know that. Thanks! (I confirmed with google searches)

  36. Yes! I had lots of guys I considered friends when I was single. Guess who didn’t want to be friends with me anymore when I got a boyfriend :/

  37. On the positive side, the friends only left because they knew you found a good guy they couldn’t compete with. If you found someone they considered a terrible guy, they would still be around waiting for the breakup.

  38. So if my driveway or an intersection I need to turn on is on that road, I have to make the turn at 60km? :)

  39. No problem. I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos with vloggers trying them out and I would never purchase one. Granted it’s not much more money than a designed magicband, but just give me the cheapest one and I’m good.

  40. Who would EVER look at their OWN wrist during fireworks? This is such a horrible take. This is not the purpose - you’re showing you don’t know anything about the functionality. When someone bought the ears that lit up with the fireworks, nobody looked at their own. They’re proud to be part of the event with the others who light up

  41. OK. I guess I haven’t seen YouTube and Instagram videos of people recording themselves holding up their hands during the show. It’s not a “take”, more of an observation. If you want to buy it so that others can see it, you’re more than welcome to do it.

  42. Because those people are idiots and don’t understand

  43. Target sells a lot of Stitch stuff right now. Many different stuffed animals and other items.

  44. If you conservatively estimate the average footlong at $6, you'd need to eat 5 of them in the month-long offer period to break even. Not great unless you're spending $30+ on subway a month, and even then you might be better served by finding BOGO or other coupons.

  45. Foot-longs near me are between $8.99 and $10.99. The 'pro' subs are $3 more. lol - 'pro' - I haven't been to a subway in a while, seriously - they call double meat subs 'pro'????

  46. Exactly. Gift cards are horrible too. A subway location makes pure profit by selling gift cards. But they get no credit when people redeem them. So if location A is selling them like crazy, but everyone is using them at Location B, location B suffers.

  47. Sexist? No, try again. In a heteronormative relationship, it is going to create a major imbalance of masculine and feminine energy when a woman makes 2x the salary of her husband. Did you see Nate’s eyes light up when he realized he’d be moving into Stacia’s new home? She is not going to respect him for that once the butterflies wear off. I’m not talking about a $20k or 30k difference. We’re talking more than double the salary. Mitch says, “I’m glad she makes more. That takes the pressure of me.” That statement alone says a lot about him and his lack of ambition. What a bum.

  48. So maybe it's not heteronormative. It doesn't have to be. Or it doesn't have to be in every way. Plenty of happy stay at home dads. Do you think they're bums too??

  49. People have different norms regarding work. To some people, salary is the most important thing. To others, making a difference or family time is the most important thing. Doesn’t make them a bum.

  50. Thats great but Wendy's breakast will never be as popular as BK breakfast since BK had such a long head start. Wendy's got into breakfast way too late in the game.

  51. You're right. Target and Walmart got into the retail store business too late. No way can they be as popular as Sears and K-Mart.

  52. I second this. Wendy’s breakfast may not be as popular but that may soon change as honestly I’ve grown to like their offerings a bit more. I get BK breakfast more for some nostalgia than actual taste as the quality has dropped a bit over the years.

  53. Wendy's needs more time, of course. They can't give up. But BK can be beat if BK keeps lowering their quality, while Wendy's has better offerings.

  54. It’s meant to be fun entertainment, not a legit honest game. Where are the flags when you rough up someone late?

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