Marijuana criminalization

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  1. I don’t get any tingling either but I can almost feel a conscious shift in reality when I’m about to get one. My vision almost blurs before it goes back to normal and then boom, I get a halo. It had been 3 months since my last migraine and then all of a sudden I got one while cooking. I preceded to get one every day for fours days, and now nothing for a week. I feel that they are strongly correlated to stress.

  2. nurtec is a godsend, but unfortunately since there's not a generic version yet it's really expensive. it prevents even the auras for my ocular migranes. i'm lucky in that my doctor was able to get my insurance to cover it. if you have access to one, i recommend talking a neurologist about it and they can probably give you samples. my ocular migranes were debilitating so it's been really great to have

  3. Thank you for your reply. I will definitely bring it up with my neurologist.

  4. Thank you for your reply. I will look into it.

  5. Don’t do it. This is how crypto started

  6. Happy Birthday! 🥳🎂. How do you set a reminder so we can do this every year?

  7. It’s not over until it’s over. Diagnosed January 2019 PSA 347. Cancer in prostate (to late to remove) lymph nodes and 11 locations in skeleton. PSA has been undetectable since December 2019. On Zytiga and prednisone with supplements. Other than the constant fatigue I’m doing fine and plan to be around for years to come. Im also in a cannabis state so use that instead of painkillers with ibuprofen when needed. Stay positive and remember a number is just a number, the doctors don’t know, just guess. My oncologist told me in April 2022 that it’s remarkable I’m still standing. If I can answer any questions for you please DM me

  8. What kind of supplements do you take? My father just got diagnosed with stage 4. Lymph nodes, spine, pelvis, and esophagus.

  9. I get a migraine with them every time. Can’t function. I have to lay down when I get them. It feels like a hammer inside my head trying to break out from the inside. If I don’t get a headache with one, my brain gets angry and gives me another ocular episode until I get a headache.

  10. Lost mine as well. Got a new phone and had to reopen meta mask. Everything else showed up except my saitama. Put the new v2 contract in and it still won’t show up. Luckily it was only about $50 worth.

  11. Till we all skeet skeet god damn

  12. American soldiers get taunted in Poland by an American.

  13. Make the fucking pizza already.

  14. Never wake a sleepy baby, dumbass.

  15. I love shrooms. I hope they never die off.

  16. I felt the exact same way when I took it. All the questions seemed like at least two answers were correct. Don’t sweat it and keep us posted.

  17. Can we please put on a pair of gloves. God damn it.

  18. That’s how my ocular migraines start. It then expands to my entire field of vision.

  19. I’ll stack a bone on a boot and make those balls and bells watch in the corner.

  20. That’s some grade f prime American president beef right there. Slap a tag on it and get it to my grill.

  21. When planning pregnancies it is important to know that if you want to increase your chances of having a boy you have to have your hand as far in the cookie jar as possible when the time comes. The girls swim too fast. We have to give are boys a little head start.

  22. I believe the glove is upside down

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