1. Thank you so much everyone - hope I was able to answer some of your most burning questions. I've typed until I can type no more, and most get back to doing what I do. If I didn't answer you it was probably because I already answered a related question, so check out all of my responses if you were hoping for one. You can always try me on twitter or facebook. Thank you so much for all of the kind words and responses -- for those of us that spend our days in a dark studio it is nice to hear. And so glad that these shows meant as much to so many others as they have meant to me. Thank you again and good night - Dave

  2. Would love to hear your thoughts on "Saul Done" - I love how at the halfway point it feels like the melody is going to go somewhere else, but then it dies off, only for the whole form to be repeated again by a different instrument (violin?). How did you conceptualize remixing the original end credits theme in this way? And I guess no synth solo this time ha ha :)

  3. Good question I answered elsewhere below... viola!

  4. Yes, except for that pesky Betsy Brandt. She's a pill.

  5. Purely a joke, of course, precisely because she is impossible not to love.

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