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  1. This seems like a rather easy thing to control if they company cares to.....

  2. Well yeah thanks to transylvania, which has to give away all of their money to bucharest and then bucharest spends on literally every part of romania besides transylvania.

  3. Awesome. Where are you guys moving from? We haven’t officially decided yet but Ogden seems to have a lot of positives to it.

  4. Work:) Had to choose somewhere from Logan to Farmington and think Ogden meets my family’s lifestyle and needs

  5. Sounds like you should’ve wrote that tribune article, as it sounds like it was false by what you’re saying.

  6. I think you are struggling with the idea of average and statistics

  7. Stay away from Roy. It's filled with snoopy boomers that call the city if you don't conform. Roy city code enforcement is their tool to harass you. It's a dying city stuck in the 70's. I just moved from there. Beware, it's toxic.

  8. A lot of people in this topic are complaining that 35 years in a federal prison isn't enough. It is.

  9. I was in naples last week with 2 kids under 5 and took the train. Relax . You are being dramatic.

  10. Mentally ill man, who can't get mental health care, gets shot by cop for threatening him with a knife due to his mental illness.

  11. Agreed you shouldn't be holding up traffic, but cruising at the speed limit is fine.

  12. Speed limit on a HOV? Fine if there is lots of traffic. Speed limit on HOV when the other lanes are moving faster? No way

  13. We already have, if you mean when they will connect most of Romania. Right now a lot of those highways are under construction and they are building them quite fast. You can check the map with undergoing construction of highways right here:

  14. Ive been living in Budapest for 5+ years and always wanted to drive into Romania to check our Transylvania and all the areas that are beautiful around it. But the roads scare me off. Hopefully some real highways come there soon!

  15. Bucharest is decently connected with Transylvania, you just have to go to Prahovei/Olt valley when there is a peak hour. You can also go from Bucharest to Brasov by train since it has a decent speed and you reach Brasov in 2 hours.

  16. Good luck convincing people of that. Who wants to be crushed against some fat smelly guy on a train or bus when they can have a nice comfortable personal vehicle. Especially seeing as the West had enjoyed this privilege and is now wagging its finger about the Global East and South getting it.

  17. These "western" cities are moving away from car ownership. I don't mean "cities" of 100,000, but cities of 2+Million.

  18. By far the most arrogant and self centered tourists I have ever met. Sorry. I dont know why the parents dont teach the kids any manners. To be fair, I am judging the obvious Israeli tourists (The ones that you can tell are Israeli from a mile away).

  19. I had calcite growing in the shower over a couple of decades. I thought that the shower pan was getting corroded and put off doing anything about it. I cleaned it with cleanser and it didn’t make much difference in the looks. Turns out it was calcite. When I soaked it in straight vinegar for a few days, it dissolved it. I was very surprised it could be such a short process!

  20. I wish this was settled in the courts and a precedent was set

  21. This has absolutely been a lifesaver for my family! We moved to a new city in early 2021, and my gigantic old upright freezer was one of the things I absolutely insisted upon dragging along, and I’m so glad I did. We had quite a bit of stuff that made the move safely in coolers, and got us through the awkward period of time when I was learning how to shop (different stores, different base prices and sales, even different meats are easier to get around here), and I managed to fill the thing by shopping sales before inflation got out of control.

  22. Two years ago I would have loved one, now? Never

  23. I was once in a group discussion over a book (engineering related) and one member mentioned that eggs were a trigger topic for her. I have no idea why and what I am supposed to do with that?

  24. I mean…. I don’t think this person told me I could use she/her pronouns. I assumed it.

  25. Imagine if the tables were turned . The comment section would not be like this .

  26. I’m not in the know/ what’s the deal here ?

  27. What does “getting home from work” have to do with anything ?

  28. Foodborn thing that gave him blood poisoning in the philipines apperantly.


  30. That’s really shit luck. I feel so lucky that I haven’t gotten sick after all the stuff and places I’ve eaten

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