1. Itna akela pad chuka hu ki ab to kuch feel bhi nhi hota

  2. 15 saal ke bacche reddit pe kya kar raha hai bhai. Jakar padhai karle. Instagram hi bohot hai, reddit mat dekha kar.

  3. 10 saal pehle tha relationship mei. Main to 25 ka hu

  4. Maaf karde bhai, iss se aacha to eyeblech hi suggest kr deta

  5. Why aren't Indian living abroad giving it back to them? Beat the shit out of them


  7. All of these are the people who have never set a foot in Punjab themselves

  8. I loved the way that the entire RRR team represented India than just a part of India. Hats off to their achievements and their pride for our country

  9. Look below, as I expected, some insecure morons have already started an argument against what they call Hindi “imposition”

  10. Their brains are in their nutsack and they can't think bigger than their region. They are hardly aware about how the entire dynamics of the world is currently shifting and how important it is currently to stick together as a nation.

  11. And he'll have cummins and Hazlewood to partner him along with Green. So yeah.. Already praying for Australia to be eliminated in the group stage with a surprise defeat to a below ranked team.

  12. Yes there are some. But there are also people who stand with anyone who have love for India and won't support any anti-nationalist.

  13. Saw your post after a long time, ameer log

  14. Instead of doing better things to do and save, but instead of that, they focus on getting attention and fame after targeting people who are known in society. I hope they do something for the people living in cities like Delhi where police hardly helps people. Or help Hindus who are struggling in their lives.

  15. Change the setting to balanced when charging and efficient mode on battery. You can easily find videos on YT to change it

  16. Yeh to bc passing marks yahan rakh ke baithe hai. 20₹ boht hai tax ka

  17. That's why Arabic Muslims don't even consider Indian and Pakistani muslims as true muslims. No this post puts a stamp on it that why they don't consider them as muslims.

  18. Star following geopolitics and you'll keep on getting to know about such news every month

  19. I know what this lame persons is trying to do, they just want to troll the members of this sub nothing else. They don't want to argue about any topic they just are trying to get on your nerves.

  20. This guy is literally active and participates in randia. A spy amongst us

  21. Cry, Sweet, Don't let me go, affection, heavenly, k by Cigarettes After Sex

  22. Everyone says they wanna live their younger days again but little do they know it gonna suck just like it did before. Only reason we cherish our memories of the past is because they're gone and we won't relive them again.

  23. Atleast it will suck better than her

  24. Badhai ho, aap ek sache bharatiye nagarik hai

  25. Yes, speak a language of colonizer but don't speak a language that's from your own country and has been dominant in most areas of the country. Every state has their regional language but hardly anyone makes an excuse to not learn it, but these mfs will go beyond limit.

  26. Earlier they used to pull the rickshaw with their muscular energy. Now all they have to do is twist the handle a little bit. However, during this transition, they didn't get training on basic traffic rules and regulations. They don't follow traffic signals, stop anywhere, don't use indicators, roam on the fast lane and run in an over capacitated manner.

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