1. I just put a new 850x 2tb in mine. So far so good. Will update in a month.

  2. imo the FGC act weird and hypocrit sometimes , why skullgirls got the "love" while mk got the "naa boring" treatment ?

  3. Really well put. Thanks for the thoughts. I'm in agreement. I love the MK ultra comment haha. Kinda what I think of when I see the furry stuff.

  4. You can tell Boon just wants to tell everyone at this point. He's never made his riddles so easy to guess before. It's like WB has him held hostage or something...

  5. Bro. You’ve gotta chill. That’s such a reach.


  7. Imo, I think the announcement is coming next month. MK11 teaser was shown at TGA 18' BUT the actual reveal was in mid-January. Why skip the game awards? Well, Ed said just a few months ago he wanted to give Tekken and SF a chance to shine. Harada flew all the way to TGA this year to reveal the Tekken 8 gameplay trailer. It was a big night for him and Bandai.

  8. MK12 coming next year, my guess is released around Sept/Oct


  10. My guess is to release around the 30th anniversary of the console release so around Sept or Oct. My guess is October... April 2024 latest.

  11. Now with the last news, April 2024 is out of the question. Sept or Oct next year it is my guess.

  12. I doubt we'll see a release next year, but an announcement seems likely with all these tweets.

  13. It's definitely koming next year. Look at the tweets. Barring something out of his control- WB selling them off, etc.


  15. I went to push Square and read everything I wanted to see in like 15 minutes. Funniest thing was the Bill Clinton kid. Too funny! Warms my heart to see half the posts under the game awards twitter feed talk about that kid hahaha!

  16. That kid was so bizarre, not in a funny way honestly, in an industry where unhinged idiots send death threats like its nothing, that kid walking there without any security was so bad, had it been someone with a knife or something they coulda easily done something horrible.

  17. That would never happen in LA. LA is very safe with all their laws and rules.

  18. Happy to report that I'm working out and NOT watching the game awards.

  19. Yeah I'm thinking we won't be playing MK12 until April 2024, so we might hit that 5 year mark.... thanks for the info.

  20. Realistically, we are looking at AT LEAST a year before we are playing MK12... my guess would be April 2024 (almost 1.5 years!)

  21. No reason to watch now... just catch the highlights on your fav website after.


  23. The fact they haven’t de co confirmed anything or has come out and said tamper your expectations or no reveal at VGA kind of increases the likeliness of at least a CG trailer of something but there is still plenty of time for ED to tweet out don’t expect anything

  24. No way in my opine. He wouldn't want to hurt the viewership of the VGAs.

  25. No evidence, but an announcement is definitely coming soon. Ed been doing more interviews for the past month, new QA testers were hired few months ago, and most importantly, Ed been much more vocal about their next game on twitter. While I do think it WILL be at the game awards, regardless, something is coming SOON.

  26. Likely due to Unreal 5 engine and probably starting to work on IJ3 initially and then being forced to switch to mk12 per WB.

  27. Considering it’s pretty much just you or that Tyler guy that post constantly, imma say 50/50 one of you 😂

  28. No way in hell , only way that would happen is if Microsoft bought WB games

  29. And what does this have to do with anything mortal kombat has ever done?

  30. You could be right but I believe both games are coming. Even if they are a year apart. I don’t think they are done with Injustice. Why would they give up on it. They can make more than one game and have proven that.

  31. Agreed, I think we get injustice in 2024 though. Prob not enough time to get it done before then since they are using unreal 5.

  32. 2023 mk12, 2025 I3, BUT I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled off I3 in 2024... just think they need more time and would wanna focus on 1 game for a couple years for dlc....

  33. So that first “evidence” was about a Mortal Kombat movie which we already know is happening and it doesn’t confirm a game. (Think about it. Did they do anything for MK when the first movie came out a couple years ago?)

  34. When someone asked about Injustice 3 a few weeks ago in the Q&A, Boon posted a flatline...

  35. I'd imagine they are picking the roster for injustice 3 at this point. Or the injustice 3 DLC. They probably already have the MK12 DLC done or close to it since MK12 is next.


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