Let's sip to good health and good company

  1. That is not what I expected. I bet they both smell of fish!

  2. This is sad and hilarious. In all honesty, Oreos are tasty, and I hope that other life forms can enjoy something that has brought me so many feels for many years after mankind’s ultimate demise, which probably isn’t too far off.

  3. Nah the worst part was in the previous season with flash gordon running all the way back to eastwatch, sending a raven, then dyaneris flying back up from literally the other side of the country in a few hours intime for dawn.

  4. I didn’t know who Ed Sheeran was until the day after that episode

  5. I know it is repetitive, but a solo road trip I took during the pandemic was made awesome by Phish radio, and it got me back into the band. My wife has Sirius in her minivan, and that is usually the only time I listen to it.

  6. Very beautiful! Is there any chance you could post pictures before tumbling?

  7. I was not expecting the fifth tier! Is there more under the lowest shelf as well?

  8. All comments above are valid. One thing to keep in kind is this instrument sounds good because it is amplified. It gets a genuine sound through a pickup

  9. How long would you bet this choosing process is going to take?

  10. Seems like dyche, bielsa, and hassenhuttl are the only reasonable choices that would come here. Think the board should focus on them

  11. I know little, but what about Santos? He seemed pretty capable?

  12. Let’s not even get started with those who put sugar in their coffee

  13. I was just thinking of this clip Last night, but in my head it was Dangle giving the sobriety test

  14. Jesus it is almost like he is continuously doing a bit. This guy is basically Andy Kaufman

  15. For pictures of pretty rocks

  16. I am still optimistic every time they go on the pitch. I feel like today started fiery cautiously, but if that hand ball was called and DCL connected it could have been a different story. I thought maybe Maupay and Gordon could have provided a spark in the last 20

  17. Amazing! This is what I am after, and I love seeing your work

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