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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. If you’re going for the true ending and final boss, yes. It shouldn’t be too late to get the kill ending

  2. Also praise Yoko Shimomura for the banger OST that's going to be stuck in my head

  3. "Who is this Dark Soul?"

  4. He’ll do anything to catch you off guard and prevent you from hesitating because, say it with me, “Hesitation is defeat”

  5. XP halved when dying and dragonrot. I could appreciate a fair punishment for death and that Sekiro tries to deviate from the standard two-death system when recollecting souls/XP, but for a game that relies on frequent deaths and extreme difficulty, it’s a tad demoralizing.

  6. It doesn't rely on frequent deaths. With the resurrection mechanic, it's pretty forgiving.

  7. I could agree on that, but at its core, it still very much relies on you learning from failure/your mistakes. You can work around it by always going into bosses with little to no XP, but it can really stink when you lose all that at the most inopportune moment

  8. With Hearts Aligned during the Endsinger fight is what did it for me. Good thing I was OT because I couldn't see shit through the tears.

  9. stop asking questions on social media that can be answered with a quick Google search

  10. Demon of Hatred, easily, with Owl (Father) at a distant 2nd. Sword Saint is brutal, but I don’t think he was nearly as hard as people are making him out to be- especially if you keep up the aggression.

  11. How did you get the colors of the trophies like that? Is that a new update?

  12. nothing metal about sharing bloody needles. not surprised you wake up in a clinic.

  13. If HIV/AIDS was a thing in that game, Bloodborne would be the most depressing game ever made

  14. Frollo was in Kingdom Hearts. He was in Dream Drop Distance. There was a Hunchback Of Notre Dame map and Frollo was a boss

  15. Late to the party, but I graduated from that high school in 2017 and was in that band program. Happy someone gave our school some good publicity after all that crap in 2018.

  16. I thought cigarette butts which would be a different ashthetic.

  17. Four Kings. One of the only effectively terrifying FromSoft bosses (aside from phase 1 Ludwig). The lore, the black void of The Abyss, the boss design, the frantic music, their screams, holy sh*t. Mechanically speaking, weird depth perception aside, it’s a very fair fight with easy to read tells once you get the hang of things, and their runback isn’t too bad for DS1 standards.

  18. Both are great in their own rights. Airbag has a grimier sound that’s better for a harder 90s alt-rock album like OK Computer, and 15 Step has the perfect, driving energy to kick off an album like in In Rainbows (and my days as well, I even have it as my alarm every morning and it’s damn effective lol).

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