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  1. this is what i’ve been doing. also, automatic debit for payment can lower your interest rate by 0.5%. that’s a nice little perk. planning on paying my federal loans once the forbearance is over (for me it’s estimated to be aug 2023).

  2. i use 50% of my income to save, invest, and pay off loans 2x faster than i would paying the minimum. i never worry about rent. i go out a ton. i never want for anything, i never worry about my next paycheck. i don’t really live paycheck to paycheck. i love my job, it’s interesting, challenging, and flexible. my peers are in massive debt, still accruing debt because they need a masters degree to make their undergrad profitable, living with 100 roommates, etc etc.

  3. i feel this way about wellbutrin… i stopped having impulsive cravings to eat and it’s curbed my hunger. i’ve lost a ton of weight on it.

  4. AGREED!!! im a big fan of her but this album felt like rejects from all the other albums. my friends bought us all tickets without confirming a price that was okay for us all and it came out to be $360/each 😭😭 i was so pissed. this album is ass.

  5. let people enjoy stuff. all religion is a bit silly. we do what we can to get through the day.

  6. i think i am more productive when surrounded by others. im really lonely sometimes wfh. im a young adult just starting my career and it’s hard to feel connected to my work without being connected to my coworkers. it’s also nice to have structure in my day that isn’t “roll out of bed, roll onto my first meeting”. idk. flexibility is key.

  7. and somehow lawmakers think ectopic pregnancies are viable and/or safe for the mother. truly insane

  8. this is equivalent to eating 4.28 pounds of weight/fat. 3.57 lbs of excess for an average male

  9. honestly the album was good but not his best work. the singles were definitely the best songs, french tips and let it ride were good too. im just a sucker for while you were sleeping i guess.

  10. darn. im one of the unlucky 9 million. losing hope by the day here lol

  11. this was not my case lol. it was still important to me to shower, dress decently, and present well every day.

  12. park your money in a high yields savings account until the decision about forgiveness is made. then pay them off.

  13. vitamin D, walking outside, depression meds, working out, sleeping enough, seeing friends, staying busy. trying to find some type of beauty in the winter instead of dreading it

  14. crazy that i don’t want to be catcalled or sexually assaulted or seen as inferior in my workplace and this is the conclusion y’all have drawn

  15. i mean running did help my depression. i am a little tired of the narrative that depression is solely a chemical imbalance. it is part nature and part nurture. we can change things, maybe not cure them, but definitely improve them. both meds and taking care of myself were what saved me from heavy depressive spells. the whole chemical imbalance angle really diminishes what we are capable of changing.

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