1. Glad you like our gummies! If you're interested in trying a vape product, we have those too...

  2. It'd be nice if yall formulated the D9 to be of a higher milligram strength, say 12.5mg instead of 10, making it even in comparison to the D8 gummies (assuming D8 to be 50% of the potency).

  3. 50 ct bottles of Mystic Labs D9 here. Good quality!

  4. Why are people downvoting you on this sub? Your brand gummies are quality in my book 👍

  5. The BLM summer of violence where far-right terrorists killed more than a dozen participants of BLM protests while a single BLM protestor killed one person?

  6. Are there any democrats that say they’ll burn the books they banned from their state?

  7. "Higher Order Learning" lol what, Critical Race Theory is considered "higher order Learning" now? lmao, give me a break.

  8. It shows its a private community and only approved members can view this subreddit... How do you get approved to view

  9. How long should one cycle off KSM-66 after taking it consistently at 600mg/day for two months?

  10. Congrats, I know that feel. I don't usually read these threads, but I've been through similar.

  11. It doesn't stick to the roof of your mouth without a puddle of liquid first? 🤢

  12. This method has been around since at least 2006 since the dawn of the first kratom community on the internet, but good video if anyone who doesn't know of the 'Toss n' Wash' 👍

  13. Yup, you got your shit pushed in by a more dominant male. Watch who you fucc wit, little man. You can't hang with the big dogs.

  14. You definitely got your ass kicked bigly by someone more alpha than you. You got beat up by a bigger man than you, pu💤y. You can't compete with alpha males. Know your place in society next time and keep your hands to yourself, how bout dat son 🤝💯

  15. I've noticed this effect on the bladder/prostate with Kratom, too.

  16. I take it approx 5 times a day....... Seriously...😐

  17. How long have you been using it like that for? Have you ever noticed a rash or something unusual anywhere on your skin?

  18. How much were you spending per month? You must have been using high dosages multiple times a day? With $60-70 kilos on the market nowadays it doesn't seem to be that much of a financial drain unless you're using high amounts x multiples times daily...

  19. I suggest adding a tablespoon of psyllium husk fiber (Metamucil brand name) per day or night to your daily diet for anyone that experiences pooping problems with Kratom.

  20. Kratom. It never fails to bring a sense positivity (use with precautions of course)

  21. ...Except when you realize you're running low and the withdrawal symptoms start to creep up out of nowhere... 😅

  22. I used to order l-theanine in bulk, $15 worth would last me like a year. IMO, bulk is way more cost-effective and better in the sense that you can easily experiment with higher-than-normal or above average doses. The LD50 for theanine is something ridiculously high. Same goes for GABA supplements in regards to bulk, too. That's besides the point tho... ⤵️

  23. Thanks, I should have read more than just the first paragraph before I posted.

  24. Why take Pseudoephedrine when you can easily get real Ephedrine OTC ("Bronkaid," "Primatene," brand names) at any major drugstore chain such as Walgreens, CVS, etc. ? Unless you're not in the US, what do you take pseudo for/what effect do you get out of it?

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