1. My favorite song from the releases so far. You nailed it!!

  2. How did you like NH? That’s my home state

  3. I have family there, I spent weeks and weeks over many summers (cumulatively months) there growing up, probably the state I’ve spent the most time in that I haven’t actually lived in. Southern NH, the (very general) Concord area mostly, but I’ve been up as far as Milan.

  4. Oh nice! I grew up in Southern NH but spent the summers on Winni and the winters up in Pittsburg. Concord is a nice area but like most parts of NH they could use some upgrades

  5. I asked OP what was the nature of his relationship with his GF in a different comment, but I haven’t seen a response. If this is somewhat casual, then I completely agree with you. If this has any prospect of marriage, I think $48 is well worth goodwill from the sister.

  6. Sorry. Still wrong. You sell BOTH to a stranger or give away to a friend. Stop being so cheap. Despite what others think here, if you can't go and want your gf to use the ticket, she gets to bring a guest of her choosing. Hopefully she won't dump you over this because I certainly would. Who wants to be with a miser?

  7. I hope she doesn’t, fingers crossed!!!

  8. Probably never. Logic has kinda memed himself with the whole Biracial thing, I don't know what it'll take to shake it off

  9. I love logic but this is sadly true. I can understand why he made an effort to bring awareness to it, but at the end of the day he should have let his music done the talking. Once he brought up the biracial issue he, in a way, said “you should take my music seriously because I’m part black” when it should have just been about the music.

  10. I wasn’t sure anyone else was gonna catch this

  11. That’s a bit closer to where I live. I’ll check it out

  12. cedar bark park is great with a lot of great dogs. I take my great pyr there

  13. This looks awesome! Thanks for the recommendation


  15. It's called a Phoenix kit bro... We don't need more items clogging the loot pool.

  16. Yeah I understand that the loot pool is a large issue and I’m also aware of phoenix kits. They tend to take a while which is the only downside. The game has cells/syringes even with batts and medkits so having a mini phoenix kit seemed like a interesting idea

  17. That's the point of them though, the risk is the time to initiate the reward is a full heal, anything less and it makes them unbalanced in comparison to other consumables. It's a great idea, but not likely to be implemented. Any additions to the loot pool are going to be weapons 99.9% of the time, we may see a new grenade in the future, but, we were supposed already and it hasn't happened.

  18. I agree, unlikely to happen. think there are plenty of weapon options but I’d like to see a healthy rotation of guns in the care package/on the ground. I personally think the spitfire, kraber, and bocek (with some buff) should be permanently in the care package and then have a rotation of a SMG/Shotgun or marksman weapon.

  19. Most Jordan’s are ugly and you look like a ding dong wearing them

  20. I always read it as Mr. White trying to quit smoking. I think that’s supported in the dialogue somewhere, but I’m not sure.

  21. It’s ironic because in that scene Mr. Pink was the one that said he quit smoking and then proceeded to ask Mr. White if he had one. At that point Mr. White leaves the room and comes back with the cigarettes and lighter. There could definitely be another part of the movie where Mr. White said he quit smoking.

  22. If you recall it also takes him a few tries to light the zippo. Could have just been an oversight but knowing Taratino he did it on purpose to show how tense White was.

  23. That’s a good point, it was taking a while. I also found it to be odd that he didn’t have the cigarettes and lighter on him. The shot makes it look like he left to go grab them (maybe off Mr. Orange) and then came back. Possible that his struggles with the lighter were because it wasn’t his.

  24. What if there's a long drought? If you chose the farm, wouldn't you be screwed?

  25. Yeah your farm would be screwed but you’d be able to purchase items from a grocery store. You aren’t working the farm so you’d have the ability to have another job and make money. You just can’t profit from the farm

  26. Acoustic or original version for Slow dancing in the dark?

  27. Skinny love by Bon Iver. Can make me cry at any moment.

  28. I like to go to zilker park with my gf and read

  29. When the most reflective thought you can come up with is "it's overrated" it makes me think you're repeating an opinion you've heard, or you just want to be quirky.

  30. Not sure how I can respond to something as dumb as this statement

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