Pandemic, burnout and lessons learned.

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  1. I put on the fitted sheet and then put the flat sheet on with the nice side up. Blanket or comforter after. I was told instead of that, I should put the flat sheet with the nice side down so when I sleep in between the flat and fitted sheet, I’m always in contact with the nice side of the sheets. Anyone else do this?

  2. Consider 99244. As primary care we don’t often get consulted, but for preops we do.

  3. Pickleball is a dangerous sport. Used to work urgent care in FL, and if it rained, all the pickleball players go into the gym and faceplant because traction is different on tennis vs gym floors. Also, seemed that coumadin was a requirement for pickleball.

  4. Anyone know a decent argument to have a non-compete voided? Or has anyone made a concession ( I’ll work 3 shifts a month in urgent care for a year) in exchange for non-execution of the clause?

  5. You sound like my patients that start off reasonably enough but then want the inevitable dose increase every month for the next 6 months.

  6. I’d expect the cardiologist to prescribe the med they see fit. I’m just saying that when I, as FP, get request after request for stimulants, it’s exhausting. It just falls in the lap of primary care because of a huge lack of psych and psych services.

  7. 100% awesome photo! You need a second one to start the adventures!

  8. Case of Busch Light and Casey's pizza in the garage with the door open so you don't miss any action.

  9. I’d make sure it’s PTO and not “vacation.” I’m 7 years out of residency and haven’t seen actual PTO. Congrats if it’s actual PTO and ask how they calculate that If you’re on RVUs.

  10. 100% they need to update the reviews. Value is wildly different based on 15-25% price increases.

  11. Do not make medicine your hobby. Make sure you have things outside of work that entertain you.

  12. Too true. I have a HEAVY panel of 65+ with all the bread and butter conditions and a dozen or so meds. Sprinkle in the fact that many spend half the year in the northern half of the country and I’m basically re-establishing care with them every fall….

  13. You can put as much gas on the hood of your car as you want, ain’t nothing gonna run unless you put the gas in the tank.

  14. This would be more for an amphora (style). It will be less prone to falling off...

  15. thank you so much for the amphora suggestion. I had no idea what to search for and thats absolutely it!

  16. Family medicine outpatient. My CMA gets an extra $300-$400 from me plus a couple fun gifts. Clinic also gives each employee (non-physician), an extra $50 or so.

  17. Does anyone know if the federal tax credit (pending getting passed) would apply on delivery of the vehicle? Or are the current tax credits the only ones that apply if i put the order in today?

  18. The tax credit would apply based on the start date in the bill (could be upon passing or a date in the future or even retroactive) and is applied when you purchase, not preorder.

  19. Nice. Good to know. I just configured and put the preorder in! I’m sure over the next several weeks to months, we will have a clearer picture of what can be ordered to qualify and timing, etc.

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