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  1. Could it be a difference between 1st gen(to 3rd gen) immigrants and overall ethnicities?

  2. Most photographed by a sample group consisting primarily of Europeans around 10 years ago*

  3. Certainly not, but the userbase of Panoramio (which was the source for this map) was predominantly European.

  4. Delicious banana and olive combo

  5. People claiming this is fake are just full of shit. Larger than M7.5 don't happen that often. Last time it happened in this area is probably centuries ago...

  6. Sooner or later there's going to be an earthquake in this hotbed of seismic activity which borders two major fault lines. 👍🏿

  7. Larger than M7.5 don't happen that often. Last time it happened in this area is probably centuries ago...

  8. Being an asshole is the most unproductive thing you could do. (Don’t say “he started it”)

  9. I’m only here because of insomnia. I just wanted to find something to make me forget reality for 5 minutes.

  10. And that's not any more productive than me having fun. Nobody on Reddit is in any position to criticize anyone's productivity lmao.

  11. Denk dat de meeste haters het nog nooit van Den Eelder hebben gehad.

  12. Very happy. Glad we have that option.

  13. If sources are correct, this map is fuckin proof that Holodomor wasn't a Genocide targeted against Ukrainian but a famine in USSR.

  14. Food was taken from Ukraine to feed Russians from Moscow to Petersburg. Those areas without famine didnt grow enough food to sustain themselves and Ukraine did, yet Ukraine got hit the hardest.

  15. There was no natural famine in Ukraine. They took food from minorities to make sure the Russian core remained well fed.

  16. Oh, my assumption was that it was something racist but that makes more sense.

  17. The fact that the post says "different types of cars" rather than just 'a lot of cars' makes me feel like OOP opposes interracial relationships or something racist like that.

  18. Would make the map incredibly inconsistent in that case. Why break down only one country into its constituent parts?

  19. I think the UK feels a bit different because NI is on a different island rather than the whole country being 1 contiguous territory. Plus the fact that the constituent countries are countries, not states/provinces.

  20. As far as I'm aware none of those countries have a region with the same situation as Northern Ireland. But either way I dont see purpose to go into detailed semantic debates, it's about my opinion. People can have different opinions from me on what depiction is more interesting, there is no right or wrong in that.

  21. Okay, so you are a high earner looking to increase your savings. The NL is getting really left-wing in this regard. Do you have a country in mind that's inside Europe where you get, essentially, a higher net salary?

  22. The Netherlands has been ruled by an economically far-right party for more than 12 years and has changed accordingly. We were way further left economically before.

  23. They want to live in a place with a better quality of life, better food, better healthcare, better people, better weather... Just better life conditions

  24. Fine if you don't like food or weather in NL, but there's not many countries with better healthcare and quality of life, and saying "better people" just makes you sound very rude and xenophobic.

  25. You sound like someone who's never touched or even spoken about sex with another woman. Every woman is different.

  26. Buddhist are about 6.7% in that same stat. 'Others' and 'Folk religions' have their own stat too. And the trend is showing the non affiliated are growing each year.

  27. Why shouldn't they be allowed to have a music concert like everyone else? Sounds very excessively authoritarian, borderline fascist even...

  28. Lots of joy... These cults are literally the cause of 100s of milions of deaths 100s of milion raped children and bilions in poverty.

  29. Maybe if you had religion in your life you wouldn't have been such an insufferable asshole full of hatred for a supermajority of the world population.

  30. there is no problem with language zoning, only if there is an incorrect zoning here, there may be errors in other countries as well.

  31. Not sure why you're downvoting me when I'm literally agreeing with you that the border is wrong...

  32. I dont woting any message here. I didn't vote up or down.

  33. Ok sorry for my incorrect assumption, have a great day.

  34. Because a year or two ago Reddit became popular amongst gen X and even to a lesser extent boomers

  35. Look at me not shitposting dumb stereotypes but old people bad amirite

  36. Old people arent bad, but it's just objective reality that there's a much higher percentage conservative people amongst older generations. And conservative memes is 99% of what gets posted on this sub.

  37. I'll never understand how anyone wanting to outlaw people's very existence can delude themselves into thinking they're on the right side of history.

  38. Its the biggest bullshit, new york pizza does the same thing. They raise the price 75-100% and then give you a offer for 1+1

  39. If they just increase the price for the offer, yes. But their default prices are just inflated so it’s fine.

  40. Ah ok, I thought he meant they inflated the prices only during the action.

  41. Why is the Dutch army integrating with Germany and not Belgium? Just curious.

  42. Unfortunately Japan is practically a gerontocracy. It has the eldest population in the world and voting turnout is extremely low among younger people while being extremely high for elderly people.

  43. If Andy Biggs doesnt condemn capitalism he should move to the Central African Republic.

  44. On a normal/hygienic person there's nothing gross about a beard. Need to be extremely messy or clumsy to get food in it.

  45. How many women said they'd marry a woman under 6ft?

  46. Maarten van Rossum is een national treasure. Deze man subsidieer ik graag vanuit mijn belastinggeld.

  47. Maarten zou wel een beetje teleurgesteld zijn in je Angelsaksische gebrabbel.

  48. Zo zou hij het zeker verwoorden. Prachtig toch

  49. Ik denk dat hij ook zou benoemen dat het 'verloedering' van de taal is. Zeker een leuk karakter die man.

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