1. Right, so Taoism done completely is great if you’re trying to be a monk. Relationships are compromise. That means sometimes you’re going to have to sacrifice your zen and play ball if you want to make it work.

  2. god-belief was always a bad idea, but horrific in practice.

  3. How many more children has "god-belief" saved?

  4. My daughter had an entire folder stolen when she took it school. The bully destroyed most of the cards, so all the teachers got together to replace them.

  5. hard disagree with the posts about gender, but true for everything else

  6. One thing that sucks about this job is just seeing all of the poor neglected animals who are locked inside all day and definitely not walked at night. They are so stressed and have so much frustrated energy that they don’t know what to do with it. They act out because they’re so stressed out, and then they get killed for it.

  7. Gender is supposed to be a way to generally frame and honor our most effective functions based on our given sex. The forms we are born into have functions that are different between given bodies. Gender roles are meant to highlight those things, honor them, and be an effective and efficient way for the common man to know themselves. Not everyone needs to suffer a crisis of their individuality. A bullshit concept you should look into is Jean baudrillard's simulacra, I think it helps explain whats going on with gender pretty well

  8. He just couldn't help it. I was leaving the job and we were close, so I took a chance and gave him my number to keep in touch. He got so excited he put it into every website he found, and now I get calls around the clock. We still hangout but its hard not to be mad about it. I of course dont let him know I'm mad about it though.

  9. That's really shitty of him. Respect to you for keepping chill about it, you must have lots of patience

  10. I mean it sucks, but its more on me than him. He is mentally like 9 years old, so he just got excited and we nuts. Thanks though

  11. I love how these soulless billionaire demons think eating this trash makes them relatable to the common man. Bezos, buffet, ken griffin, etc. Its just pathetic and goes to show what they really think of you.

  12. I just started so I'm not entirely sure what I'm in for yet, but it seems pretty great to me. My DSP said you get paid for a full day even if you finish early, and only have to work 4 days a week but lots of overtime available. The guy I trained with told me he usually gets done in around 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 hours, so thats less than 40 hours a week but still getting paid like it, and if you want to work the full 40 you can pick up extra shifts and make even more. That sounds amazing to me, especially coming from back breaking abusive construction jobs and working with violent special needs people. Dont want to sound like an asshole but it sounds like a lot of people here just love to complain and have never worked a really hard job before. Seems like a pretty sweet gig.

  13. He was doing a lot of VROW at the time and not enough food/drink reviews so people got upset

  14. Overall, Hate it with a passion. Though there were some charming moments it was a big miss. Arlo on YouTube sums it up perfectly

  15. Gary looks like he has done some dmt in his day

  16. He saw it as a chance to score points and get his name out there for some positive brand recognition, like they all do

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