1. Player>Palmer>Highlands>Hawks View>Brute. To me the brute isn’t anything special. Just long with a couple elevated tee shots. I’d actually play the Trevino course at Geneva National before the brute.

  2. What size did you get? I have a friend that rides the 172, he's a big guy, and I'm shocked at how easy he throws that thing around in tight trees.

  3. I have a Cafe Racer, and we have a bunch of other ones too. Bulldozer, Uberegg, Pocket rocket, tranny finder plus, and I think another that I'm forgetting.

  4. It's looking like this will be the first week all season it's going to be pretty much dry. Sorry bud. But the base is there.

  5. I know, I'm holding out hope though. Maybe we'll get lucky....

  6. Looks like the snow gods delivered. Hope you had a good trip! Yesterday and today were amazing

  7. Good way to end the week. Had to work yesterday but today and tomorrow look really good.

  8. I have a different color finish on each of my wedges so I don't accidentally grab the wrong one but they are all sm5s.

  9. I used to have different color grips on my wedges so I wouldn't grab the wrong one.

  10. I think it would be a great place to put the lamp from A Christmas Story...

  11. I liked The Mines and Diamond Springs a lot.

  12. Fuck I hope not. Burton isn't a perfect company, but the family seemed to have a healthy interest in the sport. I don't see anyone willing to fork over nearly a billion having the same passion.

  13. Jake had an interest in the sport. He's gone. Donna is tired and the kids don't care.

  14. Just some things I've heard from people that were recently employed by Burton, and some other things I'm totally speculating on. A lot of the moves they've been making seem like they could be balance sheet boosters to make it all a little more attractive to a potential buyer. Donna is amazing, don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan. But I dont think the kids are interested long term so it's only as long as she wants to stay in charge. As soon as she is done, they sell.

  15. Union Atlas, Rome Katana, Ride C-8, Jones Mercury

  16. Man, that board is a classic. 1990-91 Look Steve Graham Gas Pump. It's the first thing that wasn't a t-shirt that had the Volcom stone graphic on it. I don't know what you paid for it, but it's worth about $500 to the right collector. It's pretty rare. I've got one hanging on my wall, it was the first board I ever bought brand new. I wouldn't ride it though. It's gonna ride like garbage compared to newer technology.

  17. Mack dawg productions have uploaded shit ton of old snowboarding movies on youtube.

  18. check out the k2 party platter. I had a warpig, and the tight sidecut never worked for me. how much do you weigh? I had the xl and it was very soft.

  19. Second the K2 Party Platter. I have a small Warping and a Party Platter 152 and I ride the K2 more often now because it's a little more playful feeling.

  20. Saw some guys hitting a silicone bong in their cart today

  21. My playing partner has a bong that looks like a nice water bottle. Great for on the course.

  22. Everyone has some good ideas here, and I have a few Swag and Rose and Fire covers, but the covers in my bag that get the most attention are the custom made ones . There are a few people sewing covers out there, but my favorites are Geau Golf and Pushcut Customs.

  23. The Capita Scott Stevens this season is a skateboard bottom graphic.

  24. I'll have the Ron Swanson Special please.

  25. Boots last like 70-80 days on snow. If you're getting 100 day seasons, then three pairs of boots in two seasons is about right.

  26. I have had it happen on a steel shafted iron. I think I had a little dent on the shaft under the grip and when I started my downswing it folded in my hands.

  27. TaylorMade doesn't have the exact shaft, Callaway does. From the manufacturers these shafts are $150 and $120 upgrades and available pretty quick. I'm not sure how CC manages to get so many folks to spend so much extra on clubs.

  28. Mack Dawg has a bunch of their videos on YouTube now too.

  29. It could be a couple things, but most likely you're in a slightly too small boot. If it's less than half a size should be easy to sort out with some help from a decent boot fitter. A thinner insole and maybe a heel lift could do it.

  30. I think its proba ly yhr toenail thing. Its really only the one toe so I assume I just missed it while clipping them.

  31. You'd be surprised how often it's that.

  32. A drink a lot of water, coffee, and redbulls. I can probably piss out a couple hundred bucks worth of bourbon every day

  33. Interesting how much that looks like a Fox News logo on the banner.

  34. Spring valley, hour north of Chicago hour south of milwaukee

  35. Awesome, untouched Langford and Moreau course. If I ever come into Powerball money I'm gonna make that place perfect again.

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