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  1. I take similar medication. I take it at 9pm, go to bed at 10pm with a view to meditate for an hour before sleep coshes me at 11pm. That hour as the sleepiness kicks in is a great state for me to focus.

  2. Listen to a sleep hypnosis on YouTube. Jason Stephenson does good ones. Helps a bit.

  3. It's got everything - the highs, the lows, the binge eating, religious delusions, paranoia lol

  4. Allow me to shine some light on what may be behind (or in front) of Eutris' pronunciation. In English aristocracy, the old crowd tend to speak by moving their mouth as little as possible. Example, in preparation for the role of Queen Elizabeth, Claire Foy was given similar advice. "Thank you" became "thenk ew." I'm not sure of her nationality and background, but if she's been in the UK for a while, this speech pattern may be adopted. Just food for thought.

  5. I took 25mg in the morning when I was very poorly and psychotic. Now I take 400mg xr at night and sleep like I'm dead but I'm ok in the day - no anxiety. Very 'flat' but no mania so yay.

  6. And now with kids dying and sick overwhelming children hospitals… like what are we doing? Anywhere I comment that COVID wrecks our immune system someone doggedly downvotes- so the “shut up COVID is over” people are rampant on Reddit… we have little understanding of the long long term, and COVID is free to mutate… what will wake us up???

  7. Just for the sake of balance - no. I'm a lazy git and will do the least I possibly can unless I'm in hyperfocus mode but even then I will only do stuff that is easy. Still feel inadequate.

  8. For me, it is always the cases of missing people who seemingly disappeared without a trace. Claudia Laurence, Andrew Gosden (who has already been mentioned here), Suzy Lamplugh.


  10. What, no-one knows who that is to this day? And they have a photo of him? WTF. How can someone be lost, invisible to society? Strange.

  11. I think a lot of us were the 'gifted' kids at school and then life snuffed it out of us.

  12. Man Sumit’s mom is more dramatic than Indian tv shows.

  13. I couldn't work out if she was crying because her daughter will live away or that she might live with her?

  14. It helps my anxiety a lot. I'm on 400mg XR at night and mirtazapine. Alcohol makes me incredibly anxious so I got sober 3 years ago.

  15. I was prescribed remeron for my insomnia because I hate seroquel so much. It stopped working in less than 2 months. I’m an ultrarapid metabolizer so my drug tolerance in general is insanely high, like borderline superhuman high. My tolerance to remeron never reset so I’m permanently immune to it.

  16. Nope. The comments about his bipolar are awful calling him all sorts of ableist slurs. Call him a dick all you like but the general bipolar comments are very hurtful.


  18. My postie here down in Somerset told me there is a huge backlog at Bristol North sorting office and any missing post is probably there.

  19. Someone explain to me how, you are all only noticing what a piece of shit this guy is now... he has been calling himself a god for a decade.

  20. I wanted to see what his fans were saying, given the recent events.

  21. I'm bipolar and when manic I thought I was touched by God to save the planet and why don't we all just love each other man? It doesn't turn you into a Nazi. It's still you beneath it all.

  22. That’s absolute bullshit. During psychosis it’s anything and everything but you. You can’t compare a glee filled manic episode to a fucking psychotic break.

  23. I never get gleeful mania ever. I only get awful anxiousness and intrusive thoughts.I'm still the same person. Sorry - I'm wrong to suggest that all experiences are the same as mine - BP is very different for some folks and you're right.

  24. I watch way too much of this show 😫😫 I think it’s rotting my brain lol. I swear they just keep churning these spin-offs out season after season with no breaks in between and I can’t stop watching

  25. 90 day saved me during lockdown. Chatting to you guys and my Love After Lockup bunkies about this bobbins was the only human contact I had lol

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