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  1. As soon as my broker amount totals 228.7 million…we will know they are lying. Getting there slowly!!

  2. 🤣 You want a collective effort of spam messaging to get you back? You get banned on some persistent “towel” posts? Or cussing out the shills and bots?

  3. Banned from SS calling out some questionable moves by the mods spreading misinformation

  4. Just tried to tag you in a long ass comment about your fractional share DD over there. Aaaand you’re banned, damn. Not sure if you have an alt to see the latest trust me bro about fractional/plan shares. Can you still see my comment through my profile even though youre banned?

  5. This view, when postulated, also got me permabanned from the other sub on the night of last earning's call. Idk if I can call that evidence, but I find it bullish af!

  6. 13% posts are getting annoying. Wake me when we pullin 169% gains

  7. Bahahah. Who buys just 1 single share for 80 cents. Give me a break

  8. Tbh on my IBKR account, I'll buy fractional shares with whatever I have left over 🤷‍♂️

  9. That’s not what that implies. I mean sure if there is crime anything is possible and even probable but just because they’re in the same basket of meme stocked doesn’t mean they are interchangeable

  10. That dink blocked me for some reason. No source?

  11. The thing that amazes me is the amount of Jimmy holders all of a sudden hate you now because you bought another stock. Even though most still hold Jimmy. It doesn’t make the Jimmy community look very good

  12. Float would get locked in a couple weeks. FFS what is everyone waiting for?

  13. I also do but I am open to us having an open relationship, Ken can be ur fluffer Limpy 😏

  14. When the illusion of owning shares becomes real

  15. Feel free to send me a message...I'll enlighten you with some iLadies

  16. They do have to buy the shares on the open market though. So though it's not a smart move economically. It does cause buys to actually appear on volume.

  17. Exactly this. Everyone bitches about darkpool this and darkpool that. With the 0dte options…they have to hedge by purchasing on lit market. You do this ober and ober and over…price keep going up as long as the longs refuse to sell.

  18. 7x the price 4 1 share huh? I like the sounds of that.

  19. NASDAQ also call me and told me about the Sugon rule 30.4.

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