1. Whatever gets said in here OP - just remember this sub is not a representation of the real world

  2. Don't worry it's a tweet by Thomas Theiner, he's not a very credible source.

  3. US has been conducting "tabletop exercises" with the military of Ukraine, according to NSC spokesman John Kirby.

  4. So a mad man left Fianna Fail 600k in his will, and they didn't take it. Seems like a pointless story

  5. Spoiler alert! And nearly killed Charlie Bird with a concrete slab*

  6. I remember there were cobblestones that were out for planned construction on O'Connell Street. It was lucky nobody was killed in hindsight. They were perfectly sized for throwing

  7. Well it doesn't count anybody who isn't actively looking for a job, so the wasters that people complain about aren't included in these figures

  8. Considering you are into censorship what not continue as you are with your eyes closed.

  9. You'll need to say that in lizard speak for them to understand on here man

  10. Lancet is a very impressive weapon system and has done serious damage to Ukraine.

  11. I never saw a deer do a days work in my life. Good luck getting a penny out of them.

  12. youd swear that the government wants to give public money ove to insurance companies instead of funding our health care, education, military, gaurdi, ect.

  13. What you're not grasping, deliberately, is it doesn't matter if he admits it, or not.

  14. So why are you saying there are gonna be 4700 properties to rent/buy?

  15. I'd still consider family members moving in 'renting'. They're off the list of those looking for accommodation. Potentially no longer homeless.

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