Grieving my idiot rooster

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  1. We had Snowflake for nine years, best rooster we ever had. He was mostly blind at the end and died defending the hens from a barn owl. RIP Snowflake.

  2. Bless, what a wonderful creature! RIP Snowflake, you did a great job.

  3. I buried him with a small tombstone inscribed "It's 5AM Somewhere."

  4. Thank you for posting this; it is such a positive approach to life, to prospering mentally in what can sometimes sick world. Think on kind lady.

  5. Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom.

  6. After getting sober it took me awhile to get together the money to pay off all my tabs. I walked into the store where I had the largest balance and told the owner, somewhat sheepishly, why I was there. His face lit up and he said "Finally, we were hoping you would make it! You don't owe me anything if you will come to the AA meetings we have in the back room on Sunday nights." He gave me a big hug and we became good friends.

  7. Man you are never too old. I didn't learn how to weld till I was 45, been doing it for 30 years. Go for it.

  8. Thank you once again Blurry for reminding me that it is always the people.

  9. Well, I only have a magnet and my eyes to check the temperature of the steel, and I'm still learning, so I would not write out the possibility that I heated it too much. But, generally speaking, can heating too much lead to scaling?

  10. I have had this exact problem from overheating 1095. Without accurate temp. control, take it to non-magnetic but don't try to keep it there as long Quench and temper.

  11. Insulated coveralls will change your life.

  12. It says something by blaming your brother when the part is damaged. The supervisor is there to the claim the credit if outcome if positive but is in denial if the outcome is negative. A helluva guy.

  13. We call those types "suck up, kick down."

  14. I was PM on a commercial build up in Michigan. I saw the superintendent walking onsite through the gate and asked him where his work truck was; turned out his wife traded it to her meth dealer to pay off her debt.

  15. Sometimes getting through it, and then being able to share about it so eloquently, is its own small reward. Thank you brother.

  16. When we did curtain walls of this size, if they had to be flown, they had numerous welds to ensure structural integrity. The first warning sign was the huge deflection when they began the pick. Source: worked highrise for over ten years. You were really lucky no one was hurt.

  17. My mom constantly asked me why I kept going to AA meetings, once she asked me if I was the president of AA yet. Sheesh...

  18. You can do a Swiss hammer test, a rebound hammer test kid is pretty cheap and accurate.

  19. There have been maybe 13 billion people born in the 13.8 billion years since the universe began. I am one of them, what an unlikely privilege.

  20. I used to hang the company banners across the top of these. They move alot, especially when pouring concrete.

  21. I feel this post intensely; thank God the company I was working for got a huge margin call during the financial crisis in 2007 and shut down all construction. I started a small maintenance company (no employees) and have never been happier.

  22. Two pairs of boots, smart wool socks, and every so often soak the inside with isopropyl alcohol and let that pair sit for a few days.

  23. I was actually a party to a similar transaction; a woman I was renovating a townhouse for had a gun collection that belonged to her husband who had run off to Europe with another woman. She traded me a 50 caliber Hawkens plains rifle for four hours of change order work.

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