1. I've seen the same, pretty much every time. In theory, nonsense mutations should cause mRNA decay. In reality, I haven't seen much in terms of a decrease in read counts, but I've seen the mutations in the reads themselves so I know they are edited.

  2. I'm OK with grant money being used to pay for publishing. However, it should be open and free to the public at that point.

  3. I was just going to say this. I wish there was some way to make LinkedIn liable for "hosting" these cretins. I read the law and it's ANY job solicitation; one of the recruiters replied to me, "Well this isn't a job post and I'm not located in WA." I replied this is very much a solicitation for work in Washington state which means compliance with the new law.

  4. CoL essentially doubled since then. Six figures in Seattle these days is almost paycheck-to-paycheck.

  5. What makes you think adults don't play like this. Have you ever met adults?

  6. There's an area in zelda botw that I believe may have been directly inspired by this.

  7. What makes it so confusing is how convincingly confident the tone can be when ChatGPT is spewing nonsense. It will even elaborate, providing supporting arguments or "facts" for the original bullshit statement it made.

  8. You should reply "sounds like someone has the case of the Monday's" in a real mouth-y tone.

  9. I remember how hard it was for me the first time.

  10. Its garbage. It seems like those with shit internet also have an advantage. They either play characters with big slow attacks that are harder to dodge with lag, or they are just used to how bad their internet is so they don't have to adapt anymore.

  11. Coffee. Beer. Teriyaki. Steep topography neighborhoods.

  12. Had to scroll this far for coffee and beer. I was thinking I may be in the wrong sub for a second there.

  13. I mean, I understand the y-axis thing and the LFC. But what is the purpose to graph it against the normalized mean counts??

  14. Because the more counts you have the more confidant you can be that the fold change is accurate. Towards the left you will see the highest fold changes typically, but that’s because hardly any counts exist for those genes.

  15. It does go from left to right. Three unsolicited offers and one application lead to four job offers total. One job accepted and three declined. Which of the four job offers led to the job is not reflected in the plot, but that info in never shown in these plots. I got this instantly.

  16. No, I agree the difference between this and people looking for tech industry jobs was stark. Doesn’t change my expert Reddit opinion though.

  17. These laws are, at least, way less toxic than the ones Herman put out there in 2007 (

  18. I dont know, seems maybe even less toxic by being more in the third person and humorous.

  19. Mitochondrial DNA is circular, like bacterial genomes. They contain genes, and are pretty paired down to essential stuff. A fun fact though, they are not self-contained. They do not have all the genes that make up a mitochondrion -- there are mitochondrial genes also in the nuclear DNA.

  20. Read Thomas Kuhn's "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions."

  21. this is the kind of answer I'm looking for. I've been 15+ years delinquent in giving that a read, cheers for the final reminder mate~~~

  22. I'm not sure what you are asking, but if you are asking about the spiciest physics, I don't know -- I'm a biologist with an interest in broader topics of science, philosophy of science, and science history, lol.

  23. So I checked this out, looks like a George Church company, lol. I didn't know about this one but the 30x coverage product is surprisingly cheap. That is typically decent coverage (they have an even better 100x for over $1k).

  24. Put simply, trust the doctor-ordered test over the direct to consumer one. As others have stated, if it is full genome then there is a lot more to cover, and the coverage provided may be too shallow to pick up some things for certain. The doctor ordered test will likely be properly carried out and analyzed with rigorous QC. A consumer one may just be shitty basically. If you didn't spend a few thousand it is probably too low coverage.

  25. If you want to ID mushrooms based on a picture, I'd go with Picture Mushroom. It gives you multiple options to compare, and a lot of information about IDing each species in order to see how well of a match it made. Plus it's been pretty reliable for me in general. Usually showing the correct ID as one of the options, if not the first suggestion. Very rarely has it not shown the correct ID as an option at least. Even then, I prefer to use it as a starting point. From there I look up other resources on the mushroom I think it is, and try and find potential lookalikes. Then you can rule out similar mushrooms one by one until you're confident in your ID.

  26. The less common the mushroom the more likely it will fail, but you’re right — it’s a good starting place and the pics/descriptions can help you rule out their suggestions.

  27. Did you do genetic testing to discover this?

  28. Like there is absolutely nothing in that space? I have heard about vacuums being made but that brings me right back to being stumped by Xeno’s paradox.

  29. Well, there is no particles of matter in that space. But that empty space can also be said to contain fields and properties that would tempt you to say it isn’t “nothing.”

  30. I’m caught on the “there are an infinite number of halfway points” in the paradox relating to motion being real. It’s loosely related, but I was seeing it in the light that as long as there was something in all the empty space you could argue that all motion is just reactionary. But if there are true vacuums (which I’m seeing is really really hard) you’re kind of just teleporting.

  31. Well, the teleportation thing may be sort of the case. As everything is quantum in nature, movement is best described as propagation of a probability wave.

  32. Amazon. I was an early adopter and would tell all my friends that they could order on Amazon for cheaper AND pay no CA Sales Tax. Little did 14 year old me know you were supposed to record it and pay it yourself but that never caught up to me thankfully. I would have 5000% returns right now, 10000% if I’d sold at its recent peak. I was an extreme saver and could’ve spared at least $100 back then.

  33. You know 5000% - 10000% of $100 is only $5-10k, not exactly life changing money.

  34. Are you telling me I shouldn’t be mad at my 14 year old self anymore?

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