1. Always a fan of Upper Goat Lane in Norwich. Second best part of a goat

  2. I am poured out like water and all my bones are out of joint. My heart is like wax, it is melted in the midst of my bowels

  3. I hate people with emotions so much that it steams my hams. God fucking dammit if I see one emotion out of someone I'll blow my fucking top. Aaaaaaaargggghhhhh you emotion filled bastards I fucking hate you with an unbridled passion.

  4. A word of warning folks. I just watched Driven for the first time and it's so fucking boring. I like to watch all the titles I've not seen before but Driven took me maybe 7 attempts to finish. Okay I'll pause it okay I'll pause it. It's so bad

  5. Tornado kills 10, is sentenced to death by lethal injection

  6. Spanish porn with bald man and hot Spanish girls is likely Torbe

  7. Who is this actress? I can't see a watermark or anything that might help

  8. Hopefully they do my favourite Rocky film, Rocky VII: Adrian's Revenge

  9. Maybe it's a fourtacular spooktacle. There's plenty of horror franchises that have 4 or more entries

  10. So Cabin's Mum is really into Dan Aykroyd. What's the name for a Dan Aykroyd fan? I was thinking maybe Royd Rager

  11. They talk about a porno on a boat and it reminds me of hearing Ron Jeremy talking about shooting on a boat and one of the actresses was sea sick and he had to bang her while she was puking her guts up over the side. Talk about dedication to the craft

  12. Clarice watching Multiple Miggs slinging ropes. "it's so beautiful Dr Lecter they should've sent a poet"

  13. Food shopping in Lidl this morning. On my way there I crossed a grassy patch where dodgy characters sometimes hang out and drink beer etc. Nobody there, but there were some remnants of their activities including empty cans - and one unopened one, containing "Omega white cider, 99p". I hate to see food (and drink) waste of any sort, so on returning I picked it up (I thought I'd better not take it into Lidl in case they stock it and it might look as if I was pinching it).

  14. I wouldn't advise it. Even the wankers on the site wouldn't drink that

  15. I thought to myself while watching this wretched film a few days ago "if they don't call this kid a disgusting shit boy at the first possible opportunity I'll eat my hat". Needless to say my hat remains uneaten. I've seen disgusting shit boys before but my word this one is bad - the gap teeth and the mushroom haircut, there must be a talent scout that hunts out disgusting shit boys

  16. I am currently reading ‘Scared to Death’ written in 2007 by Christopher Booker and Dr Richard North. They have so far covered salmonella in eggs, listeria in chilled foods and BSE.

  17. Funnily enough when Booker died I thought to myself you know we're overdue for a good scare story, then when covid started I said that's more like it but I wonder how long this will take to blow over. I was ever the eternal optimist

  18. Speaking of Elm Street. The Nightmare on Elm Street tv show, Freddy's Nightmares is on Tubi and I just finished the first season. For being a spinoff of this giant Freddy pop culture phenomena the show sure is cheap and most episodes are pretty rough.

  19. Yeah I remember trying that and the Friday the 13th tv series. Pretty disappointing bitch

  20. Every month can be spooktacular if you want

  21. Very true. After all there's a skellington inside all of us all year round

  22. If blasting ropes makes you a man then I'm Chuck Norris

  23. Reminds me of a sign outside a school that read: "CAUTION SLOW CHILDREN"

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