1. Hi how’s your teeth now? :/ i’m so bothered by it.

  2. It's not fun waiting that's for sure. I am nervous about my current situation for sure and I was very nervous waiting for my other results as well. I don't have a picture but there is really no use compairing- they all look different but similar... There is a very strong chance that your mole is just a dysplastic mole and there is also a chance that it could be early early stage... And of so, both instances they will just cut that sucker out and you will continue to visit and monitor any other skin changes. 🤞🏻 For us and the best outcome

  3. That’s true :/ was it big? I’ll keep you in my prayers. Let’s hope for good results. Let’s try our best to keep our mind off our shitty situation. I had a health scare last year too and it felt like forever while waiting for the results. Just wanna be healthy but my body won’t cooperate. :/

  4. I had a mole that somewhat looked like this. It was moderately dysplastic. I was told it was pre cancerous. Mine was relatively new within the last couple years

  5. Was it big? Or just right size? Glad that it was not. What a relief. Yeah, I was told to get rid of moles like this even if they’re benign. Mine’s not new. I’ve had it since I was a little girl. Good thing it’s not changing or anything.

  6. It looked around the size of this. Is this around the size of a pencil eraser? I just had a mole removed from childhood (8 y/o) that was bigger than this but not asymmetrical. Hasn’t changed much at all since I was 8 (I’m 30 now). The doctor recommended I removed it. Was told it could be pre cancerous. I’m a wreck waiting for the biopsy results

  7. It’s smaller than an eraser but only by a little. Almost the size of it. The results will come back fine. Let’s claim it. <3 how long do you have to wait?

  8. There’s a lot of conditions that can cause metamorphopsia. The cause cannot be narrowed down without a thorough evaluation.

  9. I don’t really get enough sleep, could that be a factor?

  10. It started November last year. At first it was just occasional and didn’t bother me at all. Now it’s more frequents but ONLY when I try to focus my eyes and look for it. I have an autoimmune disease. Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis don’t know if they’re related.

  11. Nausea due to methotrexate is a common side effect. Most people have less nausea over time as they continue taking methotrexate. I'm sorry that you are having trouble with this. For some people, the methotrexate-induced nausea requires attention as a separate problem. I prescribe antinausea medications for patients who have nausea that interferes with their daily function. There are several medications available. What works well is to take the antinausea medication about an hour before the weekly methotrexate dose. For most people, that's enough. Some people need to continue the antinausea medication for a day or two every week.

  12. Thank you so much for responding. I really appreciate it. I agree that nausea usually occurs in the first 12 hours and the next two days i’m really fatigued and then the nausea would come back. The only anti nausea pills that I have is dramamine. It helps but it takes awhile to feel the effect.

  13. Talk to your doctor about your options. When the first line of medications aren't enough, there are other choices.

  14. I will schedule an appointment. Also, is it okay to have literally + protein in my urinalysis? There’s no value but just + sign. Thank you so much doctor.

  15. It depends on the person when I took it I was so nauseous I didn't eat and lost 50lbs but I have heard other people being fine

  16. Many people take methotrexate as an injection. Has your doctor mentioned this option?

  17. I heard about the injection. I’ll ask her on my next appointment. This medicine is making me even more sick. Are you on mtx? Thank you very much for the tips.

  18. I just got diagnosed a few months back. But i had psoriasis for more than 5 years now. A year ago I started having really bad body aches and until now i’m still in pain. I was diagnosed at the age of 25 and i’m taking methotrexate too. I feel for you. I hope the treatment works for the both of us. So hard to enjoy life with this pain at a young age. I can’t even go out.

  19. Were you able to figure out what your condition was? Are you okay now?

  20. Are you taking folic acid daily? If I don’t I feel nauseated, dizzy and sleepy the whole week

  21. I only take folic acid twice a week. Maybe I should Sk if I can take it daily.

  22. Are you taking pills or injection? I'd chat with your Rheum about switching to injecting it if it's giving you lasting side effects. Often the injectable form doesn't cause nausea (at least it didn't for me).

  23. I’m taking 4 tablets weekly. It’s not that bad but it’s annoying. Thank you so much. I will try to talk to my rheum about this. ❤️

  24. My psoriasis is all over my body but it's only my left side which is effected by PsA. Left toes and foot are agony. Left knee is a bit sore and left wrist is quite sore.

  25. Same with me. My left shoulder, elbow, and neck hurts too. All the time. I started taking mtx. I hope it works for me.

  26. I'm also away to start that after trying sulphasalazine which did nothing. I'm dreading it tbh. Sounds horrendous to your body and I'm a big drinker so it's going to impact my social life considerably.

  27. I hope something works for us. Being in pain all the time is so hard. I can’t function properly. And the fact that people think i’m normal is so frustrating. If they only knew how painful this disease is. I think you should stop drinking when you start mtx. Take care. Hope it works for the both of us.

  28. I also started taking sertraline 50mg but the side effects :/ man. I can’t take the side effects it was so bad for me. It felt like I drank 2 bottles of tequila. I was so dizzy and nauseous.

  29. I have the same thing and one pinguecula on my left eye. Is there anything you’ve done to improve this other than eye drops?

  30. I just use systane and rests my eyes by sleeping. It’s weird when it suddenly turns red like that but I also do cold compress for a minute or two. It helps.

  31. Yes that's a popular spot. It's where the cornea lifts the lids up a little as you blink closed, so the lids don't sweep the surface and renew the tears as well as they should.

  32. Thank you very much. I was worried because I have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, thought it was connected to them.

  33. So just to give y’all an update. I got the second jab and I had some pretty bad side effects. I experienced nausea, palpitation my heart rate was 152 and I was just laying down. Fever of 103.6. And I was very tired. But i’m glad I got it. It only lasted for 3 days and i’m all better after.

  34. Hopefully you hear back soon. There's nothing bad about delaying it a few weeks - it actually produces a stronger immune response than the 28 day gap the trials were done on. It's just that you'll be less protected. If I were in your position I'd just got for it - maybe it'll confuse your immune system away from attacking your joint 😅 (I am not a doctor don't take this as medical advice)

  35. Yeah. I don’t have a choice haha. I’ll just get it. :/ they won’t reschedule.

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