1. why is there a Nepal flag along with Saffron and Indian flags?

  2. Shaligram is a stone collected from riverbed or banks of the Kali Gandaki, a tributary of the Gandaki River in Nepal. Hence, the Nepal Flag

  3. Okk, makes sense, thanks for clarification.

  4. I saw a couple of men selling them in zirakpur, near Decathlon parking.

  5. I feel black seems good on pcs and laptops but smartphone are better with white. I use white on smartphones and black on laptop

  6. Yes, i have bought combo for TAX-UK books and BPP ECR. They are legit.Books got delivered in 3 days and the ECR got activated within a week as well.

  7. Hey, don;t go near New Year as it's super crowded that time.

  8. If by here you mean India, yes medicines are cheaper here than back home (USA).

  9. I’ve alway heard South Indians are conservative and usually vegetarian.

  10. I'm from zirakpur and the weed I've been smoking is not that good quality . I've even heard rumours abt it being spiked , please tell me if you find any dealer with good stuff

  11. Ok dude, thnks for the heads-up, I guess i need to stay on good terms with my pahadi friend then.

  12. Her name is Ishi Raghuwanshi, this is nothing compared to the kind of stuff she says on her Instagram. Instagram has previously banned her so many times for spreading false information regarding vaccines.

  13. My dads stories of how he escaped a Hindu mob trying to burn him alive during 1984. Showed me at an early age how horrible humans can be

  14. how_to_fill_kids_head_with_hatred.

  15. Well what gives you the right to tell who should do what?

  16. Yess, 500 students in a population of 6 Lakh Kashmiri ppl among which my esitmate is maybe a lakh college going students.

  17. I wanted to see whether the cockroach gives up trying at the end.

  18. More like, let me fuck up your life in this arranged marriage..

  19. Kk so you just assumed that this is arranged marriage, aren't you a racist fuck

  20. The descendants of Mongols were the ones who ruled India at one point

  21. Yehh you maybe right but the point I am trying to make is that, only males who look tall, i.e. tall as per European Standards, are considered strong, which is totally not the case.

  22. No sympathy for Khalistani sympathiser

  23. No sympathy for Khalistan sympathiser.

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