1. Well she was wearing sandals so I'm pretty sure I'd already have had one

  2. When it comes to rewiring your brain, 1 month is nothing; 3 months is a start. Quit porn permanently, go without any sexual contact for 3 months (your girlfriend will have to be on board with this). Stop masturbating entirely. When you reintroduce sex after 3 months, get 100% of your sexual contact from your gf, no masturbation.

  3. Absolutely, that's how I prefer them

  4. Those are sort of bad circumstances to discuss it though, with her receiving unsolicited sexual advances from strangers. The way this is phrased is sort of ambiguous and makes it sound like you would be "willing to" suck her toes, not that you "actually want to" suck her toes, which might change things. Most women are very cautious/conservative sexually when it comes to "abstract" sex acts (solicitation by random strangers, or hypothetical guys), but may be much more open when her actual boyfriend/husband who she loves has a similar desire. You gotta be clear that this is something you actually want, and work to find some path forwards with her.

  5. Try sucking her toes, they're very sensitive on some women and she might really like it. Bonus points if you do it while you're already fucking or fingering her

  6. I agree but I also think people’s attractions are artificially narrow. I’m not attracted to masculinity, but trans girls and femboys aren’t masculine. Some of them are easily as hot as biological girls, so I have no problem openly being attracted to them. If you like having anal sex with girls, I’m here to tell you that alot of femboys out there are so good with shaving everything that they’re asses are indistinguishable from a girls, and male assholes feel 100% the same to fuck as a womans lol. There is truly no difference in feeling, so if they just master the look and figure out how to look really feminine, then I’m attracted lol. But other straight guys will just keep repeating to themselves that they can’t find a biological male attractive under any circumstance or else they must be gay. I just find that silly lol.

  7. That's fine, good for you, but no shame to those who are only attracted to women they can reproduce with. It's an innate motivation of most intimate relationships, people aren't wrong or "artificially narrow" for being driven by it. It has nothing to do with being gay or not.

  8. It is artificially narrow lol. some ciswoman are infertile. Do we suspend attraction for them too?

  9. No, perhaps I should be more specific. We're innately wired to seek out partners who we can reproduce with. That's why sexual intercourse exists from an evolutionary standpoint. If a woman is infertile then that obviously prevents reproduction from occurring, but my brain is still wired to be attracted to her as a biological female, for reproductive reasons. The fact that a female may be infertile does not necessarily mean that a male who acts/dresses like a woman is interchangeable with a female, even if their body has been surgically altered to look more female.

  10. Looks the same to me, does this only affect the "new Reddit" interface or something?

  11. She's pretty much just told you the main highlights, I would just do exactly what she asked and later you can pry for more details about other stuff she likes about feet.

  12. When you're talking about "sucking toes" do you mean "girlfriend sits around with nothing to do while you go to town on her toes for your own enjoyment" or do you mean "sucking her toes while you make her cum in missionary or fingering"? Big difference

  13. Flat sandals. They are stylish, they cover up almost nothing, and they let the feet stand in a natural pose, unlike heels

  14. Personally I would never show my own feet in public

  15. Love when you post wearing these sandals, super sexy

  16. Nice. Are they all guys? Or are you male or female? How did you find that they all had fetishes and have you guys done anything

  17. We're all straight males, so nothing done. Found out because one was like "hey do you guys know I have a huge foot fetish" and a few of us chimed in with "yep, me too." And a few other friends I discovered just during drunk conversation.

  18. That’s gotta be cool. If I was one of them, I’d be like yeah me too. You guys wanna show off each other’s wife and jack off to their feet and come in there sexy shoes

  19. Maybe you have that relationship with your friends but that's crossing a line for most people

  20. I might, but I'd rather take everything else off and leave the sandals on for a bit :)

  21. Put them all over him and in his face in bed (or even just chilling on the couch), ask for foot massages, wear sandals and tease him throughout the day, order him to suck your toes during sex, etc. But after you've surprised him you should go ahead and ask him since everyone is different and really you'll need to know his preferences to get the most out of it.

  22. She did it in Suicide Squad too, she did her own stunts for the feet thing because the filmmakers knew that the audience would be able to tell if they used a stunt double based on the feet. She said she's flattered that her fans like her feet.

  23. Yes, it's as permanent as e.g. being gay

  24. Female friend put her bare feet in my lap once while my friend group were watching a movie. I would have massaged them but I didn't want to do it in front of the others

  25. Maybe the wrong season now depending on where you live but my gf will wear sandals when we go out with the express purpose of teasing me. It's like she's flashing me but in an invisible way that nobody will notice, it's the best thing ever

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