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  1. "How many fathers, right, how many sons, yeah, have you cut, killed, murdered, fucking butchered, innocent and guilty and sent 'em straight to fucking hell ain't ya? JUST LIKE ME!"

  2. Nice! But why the hell is that thermal paste box so big? Lol

  3. I recently got the Corsair Virtuoso. It’s got dual wireless (a usb receiver and Bluetooth) that can be used at the same time. Battery seems to be pretty long lasting and they’re comfortable. A little bulky and about $250 but worth recommending.

  4. My wireless is so bad it’s unusable and loses connection even just sitting next to my pc. My buddy has it as well and said he comes across the same issue. I’ve ended up just resorting to a wired option.

  5. Sorry for the late response. I haven’t had any issues with the wireless or Bluetooth. The only time I’ve lost connection is when going to the other side of the house. I wonder if it could be a driver issue or maybe it’s an older USB version? I hope you can figure it out.

  6. I love the look of the hyte y60 case. I would get one, but the issue if larger cards being choked off by being too close to the glass kills it for me. 😕

  7. I picked one up and found that the bottom fans of used for intake blow air directly through the fins and that seem to keep it cool

  8. If it’s not a work day, underwear are out of the question. Other than that, whichever pair I grab out of the drawer

  9. It’s not really “turning down” per se , but I just have higher libido so when I’m ready for another round and hubby isn’t, I lay down there, get my toy (he chooses) and he assists and watch me.

  10. I have this same dilemma. My libido is way higher than my wife’s so often times after I start some self care, she will reach over unannounced and fondle my testicles and rub my inner thigh and that drives me absolutely wild. Sometimes she gets aroused enough to mount me and go to town.

  11. Waking up lol. My sex drive and my wife’s are damn near polar opposites. I wake up hard and horny as fuck every day but sadly morning sex VERY rarely happens here

  12. I want to roofie my wife and pound her holes all night. We’ve talked about it, she’s totally down. I have no idea where to buy a roofie though. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  13. See I want the opposite. I want my wife to violate and completely use me while I’m roofied but I don’t even know if a cock gets hard when roofied. I like to think it would if the arousal is there

  14. Is it a picture of Oscar Isaac? I am not familiar with it at all, but it looks exactly like him.

  15. Thats wild, whats with the mouth thing though?

  16. My keys go in my left cargo pocket. Knife and change front left. Phone (and ONLY phone) front right. Wallet back right. Misc. back left.

  17. I still use my back pockets. Work gloves, receipts, random shit. But important stuff up front. Keys& phone right side. Wallet chapstick left. I spend a lot of time in the car or at a desk. Sitting on your wallet is stupid

  18. Keeping keys and phone in same pocket is also stupid, imo. Then again my front right pocket is dedicated to only my phone.

  19. I used to have a girl just like that and I just named her after her color. Brindle was a good girl.

  20. And they definitely are naturally aggressive! Every time I come one from work I get aggressively licked by mine. It is truly terrifying!

  21. So your Paris looks exactly like my Maddie (girl)! Such pretty dogs.

  22. Just have one person go all the way around to the right at the beginning and make their way through while the other 2 kill the vex, fallen, and cabal that spawn.

  23. That’s true. Covering the whole span of that in one go is pretty satisfying.

  24. I NEED a new Dragons Shadow ornament damnit! The one we have is cheeks.

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