1. I don’t even know how race became part of the chat in the first place. Lol

  2. It’s usually the case with racist people.

  3. The unemployed addicts will tell you it's a skill issue

  4. It’s a new exploit of kick off glitch. I played quite a few opponents the past weekend who were trying to that each time I scored against them.

  5. If you instantly pick a defender, they won't auto move forward and the bug can't be used by them

  6. Yes, the manual switching is the only choice but it’s just annoying how desperate people become when losing.

  7. do you need to purchase PS Plus for new profile separately to do this or there is a way to share same PS Plus subscription?

  8. No, the subscription was from my main account, so it just carried over. It might work differently if you have Ps4 though.

  9. I'm on PS5, but I remember had some issues with sharing subscription with other account on same console. Good to know it works though - will research more on it

  10. So the way I did it was simply adding a new psn account, then created a new EA account and the game loaded up with no issues.

  11. The only choice is to increase your skill level as it’s the determining factor when you play against god squads with more inferior one. If you both are on the same level in terms of skill in the game, then he’ll have an advantage with his shiny expensive players. Once you up your skill, you’ll be able to beat him with gold squad that has players that work for your play style. You can mitigate a lot of shortcomings of players in this game, except for the pace, so ideally you’ll need 80+ pace players across the whole squad. The rest is your pure skill.

  12. Sleep some more, it will be back. Taking some time off the game helps a lot, no need to torture yourself and losing your mind.

  13. 75 depth, 6 players in box and fast build up is parking the bus? Lmao

  14. It’s not park the bus and not ultra aggressive either as you claim. Most people run both CMs on balanced while keeping fullbacks on stay back or one of them on balanced, leaving 4-5 players at the back including the middle CM which is on stayback. Your tactics leaves 2 CB, 3 CMs at the back. You’re just changing attacking options with fullbacks instead of CMs like most people do.

  15. Each time before the end of the season they have some kind of fuck ups with “scheduled” maintenance fee hours before the end or matchmaking issues.

  16. Because it seems like, it's more worth investing coins into SBC's, then to keep them for buying players off the market

  17. Just keep set amount of coins for SBCs and the rest spend on players you want to upgrade. I have a core of 7-9 players untradeable and the rest is usually tradeable to align with chemistry or just get someone better than I currently have.

  18. Something really has to be done about players tripping over other players on the ground. The amount of times you can successfully tackle someone, only for the tackling player to trip over the player he just tackled is absolutely ridiculous. This never used to be a problem in older games, and just like so many other areas, they have actually made the game worse.

  19. The worst part is that they “addressed” this issue in fifa 22 or 21 when they advertised them in notes pre-release. But it actually didn’t work and still doesn’t till this day as these mechanics are copy paste with some adjustments year over year.

  20. Just delete the game, no reason to torture yourself especially considering the pack luck in this game. I haven’t packed any promo cards that are not discard value, out of luck Hero/Icon SBCs I got 2 players who made my average squad.

  21. Just use whichever works for you. There’s no massive difference between formations as they all work for different people’s playstyles. To improve you need to see what others do that you don’t, what mistakes you make etc.

  22. Cordoba and Forlan from Hero SBC. Packed Van Basten Mid from the pack. Pretty much that’s it, I pack more conmebol duplicates than any good players.

  23. Lol, wdym my problem it's cross platform it's everyone's problem my friends on playstation face it too. the glitch is only done from pc ig that's it. i can literally pay the guy 5$ and get rank 1 with no ban when it gets popular the game is going to be unplayable for everyone

  24. Because you have no choice as a PC player, for console players, they can deactivate the cross platform. That’s why it’s mostly PC problem unless people want cross platform experience.

  25. His IF 92 was 1.4-1.5 mil before the release of the SBC. Considering how they’ve been releasing icon SBCs, the value should’ve been at most 1.6-1.7m which would still be very expensive. Instead, it is worth 1.9M-2M. There’s no way it isn’t overpriced. EA did that deliberately, so people are discouraged to craft it, and spend points on packing his TOTY instead.

  26. That is fair. I am the same I don't have the time to put into rivals and was elite first season and all of last game and what had you choosing the 3421?

  27. I just like overloading the wings with 2 players. There’s always some passing options in front and I don’t like building up in the middle because there’s not enough space to move around.

  28. Tbh I have no idea, don’t really pay much attention to the game anymore. The formation is definitely more attacking, so you’ll have to keep pressing manually when you lose the ball.

  29. Just got to elite and went to this screen that says top 51% is elite players. Is this correct, am I still below average good?😭

  30. Below average among elite players, top 1-5% across all player base. You would be surprised how much of a gap there’s between casual players and hardcore FUT players let alone elite level ones.

  31. Same as when you shoot the ball, the direction can be a bit skewed from the one shown due to different factors. CR7 has insane animations, so I’ve been using him almost each year since fifa 20 on corners and he scores plenty of them. There’s no real secret, just aim as closely to the side from the keeper as possible and don’t put too much power to it. Once you get used to aiming, the rest is pretty much up to the player and the keeper.

  32. Marquez can be a liability because of his pace. I have his WC and benched him after he was always caught on the breaks. Otherwise, it’s an okay team to get some results in WL, although it will be tough if you’re playing for the first time.

  33. He has something special that allows him to score or assist at tough times the rest of the players don’t perform. Worth every coin spent on this SBC

  34. Could be connection, the ball bounces back so many times after your defenders just rubbed their opponents with no impact. I only get this type of animations when I have connection issues and gameplay is in the mud.

  35. What I think what’s happening is the game trying to make the game competitive (this guy wasn’t good at all) in a game that shouldn’t have been close at all. I’m not trying to gloat or flex but I’ve been playing fifa for a long time and I’d say I’m a pretty good player but this fifa I feel my opponents always have some kind of advantage. I never get these animations where I keep the ball after getting tackled over and over. If a defender breaths on my dribblers neck the ball 95% of the time is getting poked loose. But a lot of people I play against can dribble even with my defenders all over them

  36. That’s called connection issues, not some kind of conspiracy theory. Ping doesn’t mean anything in this game, I play on constant ping, but my experience varies from one match to another depending on the time of the day and how busy servers are. If the other person is one step ahead of you it’s either they’re very good at reading the game or you are delayed and your players don’t react properly.

  37. Corners were ridiculously broken and this comes from someone who usually scored at least one per game.

  38. I have gold CR7 and he’s been the best corner target man for years because of his unique jumping and heading animations. If a person doesn’t move the keeper, I’d score majority of the corners.

  39. you serious about using a jockey while the opponent is at full speed? 🤣

  40. From your responses and video it looks like you don’t understand how to anticipate the opponent’s moves and continue running like a headless chicken after them.

  41. You aren’t wrong. Most things can be cut out or countered with good anticipation and the understanding of every minute control. That being said, the fact some of the best ways to defend are to just button spam or hold buttons for the entirety of your opponents possession, is fucking stupid. The amount of times the answers on here are to just hold a specific button the entire time, seems way less skill dependent, and starts to border on just abusing the mechanics. Granted, it is the correct answer, but I don’t think that aligns with the fact that this offensive sequence is damn near freakin impossible.

  42. I’d argue that there’s skill level in anticipating what the opponent will do. The biggest difference between players is usually how calm and composed they are in attacking and defending; I see this all the time when I climb up the divisions in rivals. There’s also no other choice than anticipate while defending as it usually happens in real life too. You don’t see defenders rushing for tackles that often, they usually jockey and contain the opponents.

  43. I feel like I could honestly use him until tots. Great speed, aggression, dribbling and passing.

  44. He has all the key stats in high 80s/90s, for the price of SBC, he’s been the best one for me.

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