1. This is a great break down. I own many Henry Rifles and one Marlin. Ive never had an issue with either. I’m curious as to what the community tends to lean to. I’m planning another purchase and would take this poll into account. Looking at the Ruger Marlin Trapper or Guide Gun.

  2. I would have loved an SBL, but I could not justify the gouging the scalpers are doing. I am confident I will love my Henry just as much.

  3. As someone who wanted a marlin but got an h010 instead due to availability and price, the henry is an amazing rifle. Great fit and finish, smooth as silk, and the company is great.

  4. Thank you for your shirt review, it definitely helps hearing it from someone with both. I have a few Henry's, so I know the quality is good and, unlike you, I don't have overly high expectations for it.

  5. Primers and brass are what I had trouble finding for 45-70. I found a local shop that stocks starline brass at $73 per 100 pieces. I had to cave and just get primers online, stupid expensive but overall still cheaper than buying factory ammo. I'd recommend the Lyman 51st edition reloading manual, lots of 45-70 loads.

  6. Yep. I had wild accuracy issues they were trying to help me diagnose but kinda also told me i was crazy, then when we finally decided they should look at the rifle, they turned me over to the warranty dept and i got ghosted, even after a couple follow-up emails. So i sold it as a “gunsmith special” to a local CAS guy. He got it working and loves it. But it had issues with the sights and crown.

  7. No idea on parts compatability, a quick call to ruger could answer that though I'm sure

  8. I like scout scopes because they're in front of the hammer and not overhanging it or the reciever. It just makes using the rifle easier (cocking/decockinh hammer, field stripping, recoil, etc).

  9. Really appreciate the feedback, thank you. I definitely like the dule scope/irons idea and that gives me a good start

  10. The only thing that sucks is that the xs rail and irons set up is like $160 by itself, so not cheap. However, it's a very well built and high quality system. Plenty of mounting room and the ghost rings are great.

  11. I gave up on this game when the S1 road map released.

  12. Damn , I always thought those tier 1 units had some sort of contract with the operators about not sharing techniques learned in there

  13. Nothing they're taught is magic or anything. It's all built off basic shit that your average grunt learns. Sure, It's more specialized, but its hardly something I'd consider super secret or "black magic".

  14. Just bought my self this holster for concealed carry. I understand it won’t be as concealed as a pancake holster and I’m ok with printing a little bit does it stick out excessively? Anyone use one of these holster or similar one regularly if so what are you thoughts on daily carrying it, conceal ability, etc. thank you

  15. Any issues with hitting the extended release when gripping the gun with the hogue grips?

  16. Right? The obsession with these douche bags is ridiculous.

  17. They’ve always been great with taking care of their customers so I’ve heard

  18. Check your stock for cracks and make sure your hammer screw doesn't work loose when using the action.

  19. Sounds like you need to reach out to them too if that’s your experience with this rifle, did you contact Ruger?

  20. Yea I sent my trapper off to ruger to have it fixed, it had a few issues, cracked stock, seized trigger which kept the hammer from cocking, hammer screw kept working loose, forend band/tenon is bent or misshapen, scratches on the reciever, tooling marks on the barrel, barrel and mag tube had scratches and weird black marks on them that wouldn't wipe off, and the hammer would contact the bolt at full unlock which kept the bolt from actually fully unlocking, if I held the hammer down the bolt could move back a little more.

  21. It's mind blowing to think these creatures walked the earth millions of years ago. It's almost incomprehensible how cool that is and how little we will ever understand about it.

  22. Check your stock, my new trapper was cracked from the factory.

  23. Large frame ruger vaqueros from the early 90's to early 00's, 357 or 45 colt.

  24. Just got a Trapper myself. In the process of getting a scope for it too, looks good.

  25. Sounds like you got a lemon dude. Might want to try for warranty on it. Mines flawless so far.

  26. What all is need to hand load, can you point me in the right direction??

  27. I’ll take a look at the other posts, Hopefully you create a post when you get the Marlin. I’d like to hear your opinion since you will have both. Personally, I think Henry has found a good niche. They run smoother than most lever actions (i haven’t handled a new Marlin so I don’t include them when I say this) and they are able to do it at a decent price point. I think of them as a user rifle if that makes sense. I’m not looking for heirloom quality out of them, just a rifle that does what it’s supposed to and cycles smoothly. I can’t wait till Ruger gets caught up on production and some of the pistol caliber stuff starts starts showing up in stores because I will be picking one up at some point. I think the Marlin design is superior to Winchester and Henry’s design.

  28. I plan on doing a small comparison right up once I've got both in hand.

  29. This is an interesting comment to me because I’ve got Henry, Winchester, and Mossberg lever actions and there are things I like and dislike about all of them. The most important thing about a lever action for me is that it shoots and cycles smooth. I honestly couldn’t tell you about the machining quality on any of the internal parts. If it shoots and cycles smooth, why does the internal machining bother you? If it was rough and didn’t feed ammo properly I would understand this criticism much more. I feel a little bad for you because it seems like you have given yourself buyers remorse over a smooth running perfectly functional rifle. How can you call it a lemon if it cycles smooth and goes bang when you pull the trigger?

  30. Could you disassemble yours and compare how your bolt and lever wear looks to mine?

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