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Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signed a law guaranteeing free breakfast and lunch for all students in the state, regardless of parents income

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  1. There are 3 squadrons in my town. They fly the shit of those planes. Unloaded there is so much power in them.

  2. Exactly. This is such a stupid argument to have with a woman. If you want the seat down, put the seat down.

  3. I did the math once at like 35 yrs old. Like avg shits per day X days X months X years. It’s a stupid high number how many times I’ve pooped. I have never once fallen in, ever.

  4. "I understand my financial security depends on the generosity of my parents"....bitch what you are legally required to provide for your child, it was your pro life ass who decided to have children and take care of them. It's incredible how these people don't realize how wrong they are.

  5. There's no hate like christian love. If they treat their own flesh and blood like this I don't even want to imagine how intolerant and nasty they are to regular people.

  6. Where do you see hate in any of this?

  7. Don't forget the manifesto and the funeral speech in the last episode.

  8. Watching that episode I felt like I was watching something very important. It was stirring in ways I haven’t felt in a long time.

  9. That false dichotomy doesn’t help anyone bud and only furthers the problems of our political system.

  10. Look at telecoms. Small government republicans pass laws that prohibit local municipalities from creating their own broadband networks. But will then claim the free market should work it out.

  11. Would you go into detail about them?

  12. Read something about how school lunch program was started because during WWII a bunch of dudes were undraftable because they were so malnourished. Looks like we have swung the other way.

  13. The one girl you and all your best homies have smashed and continue to keep a secret.

  14. I promise she is enthusiastic about it. Ain’t no starfishin with the giantess

  15. As an American who is yearning for something similar to happen keep up the fight! 62 is already too old.

  16. I work with guys in thier 60s regularly. 62 isn’t old, these guys are fresh.

  17. Well he is right. The retirent age everywhere needs to increase

  18. Yeah kinda agree. Life expectancy in France is 82, US it’s 78. I don’t think retirement is an unalienable right.

  19. In UK, not making a political statement… Why are they all girls?

  20. Little girls are cute? Maybe it just happened to be the kids of people who supported the bill.

  21. There’s a surprising amount of liberals who own guns and enjoy the hobby. We just don’t make it a personality trait or get excited about killing our neighbors if society ends.

  22. Almost got my wife killed trying to walk the rocks of Kai Koura. Stay safe

  23. So it didn’t occur to him the military college he was attending might not look kindly on him participating in an attempt to overthrow the government.

  24. Here’s the problem, these guys are patriots in thier mind. They were doing the right thing, in their mind. They only regret it because they are being punished.

  25. I hope this little weasel never gets into the US Military.

  26. Every month that goes by convinces me more and more that cops are actually a serious problem. Such a weird dilemma for me because a year ago I would have said people were being too critical with their opinion on cops being bad.

  27. It’s not that police are the problem, it’s that being a police officer is bad for your health. You spend all day having people lie to you. You have the potential to go to jail for life if you make the wrong decision in a daily basis. That creates an us vs them mentality. It creates a fucked culture that propagates cruelty and corruption.

  28. dissolve or weaken the power the police unions have, separate the IA and the DA from being part of/dependent on good relationships with the police dept, require a 2-4 year specialized degree to be an officer, make officers acquire their own insurance to practice like we do with doctors. When an officer is fired for malfeasance, make it like a dishonorable discharge so they can't just get rehired one county over.

  29. But I thought unions were a good thing?

  30. Oh good, so our youth get even LESS sexual education than before. That certainly won't backfire at all!

  31. I didn’t have any sex Ed until 5th grade, it was one afternoon in science and the boys and girls were separate. Sex Ed was then apart of science in the 6th grade. Anatomy, physiology, cycle of life etc. I’m 40, looking back I don’t think it was a bad program.

  32. This is shaping up to be one of my all time favorite Reddit threads

  33. Locked up cell phones, face scanning, and cramped spaces?

  34. I mean Joes idea is that clubs are gyms for comedians. Leaking sets is bad for them.

  35. You be you my dude! I only have guy friends because they are laid back. It's difficult for a bf to understand that.

  36. Always be cautious of a girl with a lot of guy friends. Hate to break it with you, it would be a red flag.

  37. I used to say something along the lines of “true friendship between a man and woman cannot exist unless

  38. So I had short hair my entire life, till like 37. Kinda grossed out by amount wife would shed. Started growing hair, got it to shoulder length in 2 years.

  39. About as funny as the rest of Rogan and his friends

  40. Rogan talking about Anna Nicole Smith blowing J. Howard Marshall in the hospital was murder. Please have a little respect for these guys, just because you don’t see it doesn’t make them unfunny

  41. I don’t get how he’s so popular. He’s too much for me. It feels fake. I just don’t find him all that funny.

  42. He’s really funny. He’s a dad comic but in a relatable way. He’s overweight, he drinks too much, he has daughters, his wife def settled for him.

  43. Yeah I saw how much tickets were and I peaced out. I’d go to any of the DT venues to see those guys but not the PAC. Plus the $30 per ticket in extra fees

  44. Do you know how expensive gyros are? I have used many in my life, it’s standard issue on every ship. We use them, we don’t buy them.

  45. One of the concerns about using cloning to resurrect extinct species is the lack of established social dynamics like this. There's no guarantee the first generation can learn healthy social interaction patterns in the absence of role models.

  46. I feel like I read that in one of the Jurassic Park books.

  47. It was The Lost World, it was a major plot point for the raptors

  48. With his financial situation, it truly would not shock me if he attempted a comeback lol

  49. Fuck the swiss gov. I will never buy anything produced in that country.

  50. Well the good news is when all that thaws you will have plenty of water to flood everything.

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