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  1. Normal market making activity is facilitating the buying and selling of securities. It can be stocks/options/swaps/etc. they are allowed to hedge the buying/selling of those securities in anyway they see fit and don’t have to report that activity.

  2. It does include their activity but they don’t have to report I am 32 million shares short GME, if that’s some kind of hedge they have for a swap they sold to a hedge fund, for example.

  3. The 2nd Bluetooth chip is fried and the only way to fix it is to get a new ESC.

  4. It’s because GameStop gets a cut of digital sales from Microsoft and not Sony/PC

  5. About 3000-5000 recharge cycles. Should last 5-10 years if you charge it once a day.

  6. You need a PSC big bore steering box to eliminate that play, could also try Synergy sector shaft brace.

  7. I did this one end of September last year and it was a little harder when wet

  8. IMO, rewards points that never expire are a liability for GameStop. If those points directly translate to $$ that’s negative revenue that’s hanging over them and it’s not easily quantifiable. If they expire they force you to use them during the fiscal year and realize revenue instead of holding this growing liability.

  9. The real trick with block trades is you can get USDC on Coinbase 1:1 with zero fees, then layerswap or send to your Loopring wallet and block trade the USDC back to Coinbase for LRC/ETH at much lower fees and all self custody.

  10. I am surprised it cost $27 for one transaction, that seems high for L2. Is it a percentage fee?

  11. Yeah it’s fixed at .3% for block trades. If this goes to the protocol that’s a nice new source of revenue. Comparable fee for buying on Coinbase was $127.

  12. Looks like the fee for swapping LRC into USDC is paid in USDC. So the fee is possibly based on your target currency.

  13. What if the support line that we have is the hedges desperately trying to close when we reach to lows, which is why we snap back up. The line of hedge doom could actually be their limit. If this were the case, once those two top and bottom lines meet it’s a race to close the remaining position and that’s when MOASS will ignite. No news or any other event will change it.

  14. The fancy options like the one touch roof will not hold value because no one wants them. The most bang for your buck would be a Sport S or Willys S.

  15. I disagree that no one wants the one touch roof. In fact, I think it may be the most desirable option on the high end trims, which is what OP was looking for. It’s also only a $3k upgrade in the 2024s (as opposed to $4.3k in 2023)

  16. No one buying a used wrangler wants to pay 4k for the one touch roof option. They value it at 0$ or don’t want it altogether. I’m not arguing the value to the OP, I’m arguing the resale value of buying that option.

  17. Any rebuildable ball joint will be crazy expensive. Just get stock ball joints and call it a day.

  18. You didn’t clean your bearings. They heat up and explode when dirt gets in.

  19. I use it exclusively in eco mode to get precise throttle control off-road.

  20. I think he unknowingly hit his annual purchase limit at Computershare. He can still drs, he just has to buy with a broker instead and route through IEX.

  21. I bet he’s trying to move his broker shares over to his new account and his broker is giving him the run around like everyone before him.

  22. 90mm was about as big as you can get with the trucks locked to one side. That leaves about 1-2mm of clearance before wheel bite.

  23. Would you know what size risers to recommended? I’m not trying to eat pavement lol

  24. There aren’t a lot of options because of the curvature of the mini board. I would just buy whatever you can find. Probably need 1/2” or more.

  25. Looks like his shares are going through the lit market as we speak

  26. You should check out Lange originals power hoist a top. I’ve been using it for the last 6 years. It keeps the top and freedom panels perfectly level, does no damage to the top, and it’s easy to raise and lower with the touch of a button.

  27. It’s np. I had a similar circumstance. I just never told the company, and they assumed I was still working at the previous employer. Nothing came up in background check because they are just verifying info and I asked not to contact my current employer. Pretty standard stuff.

  28. I have to agree here. I’ve been through some ridiculous interviews and I’m top 1% tech talent. It’s now easy to see when someone isn’t really there to offer you a job but to try to justify not hiring anyone by putting the whole hiring market through the gauntlet. I won’t waste another minute once I identify this situation in the future.

  29. Unreasonable asks, no goodwill, not respecting your time.

  30. Not sure why I can't edit my post! But I noticed I have 2 meta rare ones too (the Cardano ones) THESE ARE FUN!

  31. How do you know if it’s a meta-rare or not?

  32. Looks pretty cool. Check out Diabolical for a solution to secure the entire trunk space.

  33. Yeah I just looked it up, but never played that one.

  34. Tbf i kinda lost interest in the series after 5. They lost the intimate b horror video of the first one. 4 was still pretty enjoyable if not only for the copious ammounts pf influence it takes from the best 80s action movies

  35. Village is full on horror survival, scarier than RE2/4 even though those are great.

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