1. Getting dump files which we need for accurate analysis of BSODs. Dump files are crash logs from BSODs.

  2. Had exact same problem and after updating GPU driver the problem disappeared immediately.

  3. So this morning I did a driver clean sent over by asus support and following that, AMD and NVIDIA driver installs. No change at all.

  4. Code seems to work for the Lisbon concert as well. Only issue is its asking for VAT numbers which we don't have as individuals, is there any way to get around this?

  5. Hello! I've had an 8 for about 4 years now, finally wanting to upgrade. The main reason for this is I want better camera quality. What would you reccommend as the best iPhone to buy for camera quality and general day to day usage? Haven't heard the best reviews about the 14... How much does cam quality vary from the 12 to the 13 for example?

  6. Is an iPhone 8 still reasonably usable? Only want it for phone calls, messaging and Spotify, my main concern is battery life although it will seldom be the only device on me so a little less juice won't be a dealbreaker.

  7. I've had an iphone 8 for years now, still works perfectly fine even if the battery life has faded a bit. Regularly use spotify, whatsapp, insta, reddit. Smooth as ever really

  8. since posting i've run as administrator, opened task manager, gone into properties and run the compatibility shooter. This seems to have launched the game in Windows 8 mode or something like that (I have win11, kill me I know). FPS have increased but still not as smooth as I want and no way near the levels of when I first started playing

  9. Those temps was that idle or gaming? If thats idle, send it back something is very wrong.

  10. Thanks for the advice man, definitely going to go through all this.

  11. For Europe this price is very good for these specs. This laptop deal looks awesome!

  12. I had noticed that the price is steeper in Europe for the latest tech.

  13. Okay then :-) do you have warranty or a return option there?

  14. Yes! 12 month warranty directly from Asus and 14 days to send it back if I’m not happy

  15. Did anyone else attempt to take the dog home? Did he just keep running away back to the train station?

  16. He took shelter at the stations Panucci’s Pizza. There, the owner grew a fondness for the dog and would often give him leftovers

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