1. You should speak to someone licensed to give financial advice.

  2. So after MOASS hire a CPA to ask how to donate? Nothing to do in preparation now?

  3. Do it after your tax and estate attorneys and CPA's do their thing.

  4. Yes that'll follow, but I would prefer to do something now and take the possible tax hit later, for example I think the Ukraine war effort could really use an immediate boost.

  5. USDC holds it's assets in cash and 3-month treasuries. 25% is roughly 9.88B, and this 25% was held in 7 banks; 2 of which are inaccessible (Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank). The remainder is with blackrock.

  6. So is a 3 cent loss in price significant, or not if they regain the peg?

  7. If they contain it'll be ok, but once it drops below .90 all bets are off and it's at about .95 atm. Just go to trading view and put in USDC/USD pair (under crypto) select kraken for exchange Also pay attention to USDC/USDT as well. There's a steady flight out of USDC right now which isn't helping matters.

  8. I would have expected AI to have been programmed to have better grammar. This was probably outside to a non English primary speaker.

  9. Shares of GameStop plunged 5.62% as investors lost faith in the company's turnaround and moved on to the next meme stock. The company, which is suffocating under the weight of negative 1 billion in debt, had put its faith in NFTs, which are JPGs easily circumvented by screenshoting. GameStop is memorable for the 2021 squeeze which is definitely over.

  10. Yeah everytime my investment goes sour I call up the managing members of a hedge fund, whose advice I clearly don't take. They are the best at sympathizing with the little guy.

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