1. I was just thinking he looks like a prime target who could be disarmed from behind. He’s likely not the only person who knows how to wield firearms in the area, even if he is the only one in that store wearing it like bro jewelry.

  2. I conceal carry, and one of the things I think about is that, in an confrontation, revealing that I'm carrying needs to be the absolute last thing I do before using my weapon. I don't revel in possessing this burden, and I avoid people that do. It's a burden and a responsibility, not an act, or a political statement. It's literally life and death in the palm of your hand, and if they treat it any less, I don't want them to be anywhere close to me.

  3. Well said, and your examples boiled my blood just the right amount to flip my opinion back to Linux. I just built a new Ryzen 9 7950X compy with a Radeon RX6900, am trying to get into streaming, so that might throw some obstacles my way, but I got Windows 11 working on it (finally), and have thus started using Windows again. Being that this is a brand new chipset, I wanted to ensure that WIndows would install and not bluescreen (which it did constantly until I determined my processor was faulty). I didn't want to sacrifice more time troubleshooting; it had already been two months for god's sake. But everything you mentioned has been so brutally clear since installing this mess. I miss my Ubuntu terminal and my ability to open a link without MS Edge opening and asking me "Are you sure you're not mistaken and need our help, stupid debt-slave?"

  4. My main workstation is Gentoo, my gaming computers are Windows 10, my laptops and HTPC are Ubuntu, my other HTPC is Mac, my virtualization servers are RHEL, it's all about the right tool for the job.

  5. No, it's not! Do you know how I know it's not? Its because we’re saying the word ’Obese,' and we’re not even saying what the 'n-word' is! If you're comparing the badness of two words, and you won’t even say one of them? That's the worse word." --Apologies to John Mulaney

  6. This isn't even capitalism, capitalism fosters free trade and competition. This is autocratic oligarchy.

  7. inb4 carpenters criticizing this tool and mentioning a much cheaper and quicker method

  8. Not to mention that Zeus also sleeps with just about every mortal woman in Greece

  9. The only reason I don't think he is, is because he held still long enough for you to get a photo.

  10. That Spetsnaz beret is antithetical to everything else she’s wearing. Clearly not a student of history.

  11. It's called fashion darling, wearing Hugo Boss doesn't make you a fascist unless you start goose-stepping through the rhineland.

  12. I don’t want to hurt the dog. We stop far enough away to give the owner time.

  13. You're not wrong, it's just she's not going to pay, and asking makes it a sure thing there isn't another try. Every dollar you put into a date, consider it spent, it's gone, don't expect anything back.

  14. The most selfish and heinous thing I've seen all day. What really irks me was the lack of trigger finger discipline.

  15. I’m a lawyer barred in Georgia, but I’m not your lawyer. My advice is to not do anything that would give an officer any reason or pretense to hassle you. I’d have to read the law you’re referring to about “displaying” your license, I’m not sure which that is. At any rate, just give it to them. Our 4th/5th/6th amendment rights have been whittled away by the Supreme Court since Miranda v. Arizona was first handed down. Limiting the time you spend with police during a stop is the best strategy. Saying “I don’t want to give you my license, but here you can see it through my window” is going to 100% be a sign that you’re fucking with them, so that’s the green light for them to might as well fuck with you.

  16. yep I like the statement "limit your time with them"

  17. No, we want people to be able to convey sarcasm, jokes, etc without relying on a literary crutch instead of simply being able to compose your thought in a manner such as its intention is clear

  18. Failure to take appropriatly steps to secure weapons should vary from reckless endangerment to accessory to murder depending on how negligent and what happened.

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