1. That scene is cute! Do you get it on a loyal route? I never had it …so curious.

  2. yeah! i think you get it if you’re loyal and don’t participate in operation nope :)

  3. It must be Dylan’s Doppleganger. Or long lost twin.

  4. dylan’s next video: finding my long lost twin emotional we cried and made tik toks

  5. Can somebody explain the joke to me like I'm five

  6. i think it’s meant to be stupid and make no sense lol .. he just reminded me of dylan

  7. for a minute i got scared u meant appearance wise we just need a new prince that’s a mix of flynn rider and naveen now

  8. ... i was joking... like most people in this subreddit.

  9. it’s literally the first time i’ve ever made that joke...

  10. this is so good!! and the idea is amazing <3

  11. I coupled up with Talia on my second time playing just sayin..,🤣🤣🤣

  12. I was the same with season 2, too emotionally attached to season 1 but look what it’s like now, I can’t get enough of season 2

  13. imagine if a season 4 comes out we all say we are emotionally attached to season 3 😭

  14. Make more of Misoa to rub it in Dylan's face

  15. i’m pretty sure it’s season 3 episode 15 :)

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