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  1. Me, trying to get to the university area for a doctor's appointment at the hospital this morning.

  2. Honestly, when have they missed the mark?

  3. Climate Change / man bear pig. They say it is their one mistake, thus the newer episode where man bear pig is really fucking real and people still don't believe or care.

  4. As an American small child I remember watching a documentary about how other peer nations do healthcare including that tv drug commercials are not allowed. So many things that you might think, "this seems backwards" are that way on purpose for the benefit of corporations and the super wealthy.

  5. My cat takes care of me when I've had panic attacks and serious depressive episodes. He is the best boi. He's been taking care of me for 5 years. Obviously I've been taking care of him for 5 years too.

  6. That guy looks like he's fucking tweaking DURING an interview

  7. Exactly! His face and speech were so off that I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I haven't seen a guy that tweaked out with that big of a close up in the interview.

  8. I'm so glad you baby is recovering. Vet bills are often expensive, but I've noticed that it is worth every penny and doesn't feel like a financial burden when it's for my cat. My cat has had bladder crystals, so I know how scary any kind of blockage can be.

  9. Oh boy... it seems like I wasn't the only one who had the pee story burned into my brain. Hopefully this guy gets help before he turns into the guy from the pee story. Having enabling mothers seems to be one of the worst problems young men have here on BORU. It prevents them from growing up and learning from small mistakes so that when they finally have to face the music it's for a much larger mistake, if not a crime.

  10. What... is going on here? Is he upset if the Sims fuck?

  11. Gloria is (based off of) a silent film star. She was in my New Leaf town and thus adorable BFF material.

  12. She brags about being a Christian Nationalaist. She specifically means white Christian Nationalism. The mass shooting will get worse as more people publicly give a permission structure to randos either radicalized as individuals or in small group-thinking collectives.

  13. This is literally a scene out of season 3 of The Boys when The Deep is in charge of Vought's crime research unit.

  14. This is not about politics, but apparently president Joe Biden has the Whitehouse kitchen make him PB&Js a lot.

  15. Awww.. the legs look so small compared to the size of the baby's head. What a small cutie pie

  16. Right. You either go home and be like some crazy lady tried to kiss me....or you're in on it

  17. Yep. Exactly this. Even if you don't tell HR or file a police report for sexual assault because you don't want to bother / get the other person in trouble / "it isn't that big of a deal", you definitely tell your partner first thing that someone tried to kiss you on the mouth.

  18. Oh that's his wife? Damn, he did very well for himself.

  19. She also saved his life from that stroke. He wanted to hit the campaign trail, wife said no, you don't look good, and thus was able to go to the hospital quickly for timely care.

  20. I was waiting for this most recent update. I NEEDED to know what happened. I was surprised at the comments for acting like destroying $12000 worth of property wasn't a big deal. That's a huge amount of money for most people, and the sentimental value a wedding dress handmade by a dead master seamstress who is also GRANDMA is basically the thing that takes this from bad to worse. The fact that the sister got C19 while in the hospital for a flair up is the most predictable thing to happen in this story, and thank goodness she lived.

  21. i think a thing thats been vastly overlooked is that rose was confirmed to be suicidal. she created steven so she could bring new life into the world, but also because she couldn't stand herself so much that she didn't want to exist anymore. this was covered by rebecca in the end of an era artbook. that puts everything into a new perspective. rebecca went on to say how rose was selfish for this, but i don't agree with that. she was suffering and saw her end as a means to a new life, something that deserved it more. she didn't think that steven would have to face the consequences of actions she thought she settled many years ago, she was, in her mind, giving herself up for something that would be better than her, hence all those self doubty lyrics in love like you

  22. I loved End of an Era as it confirmed that in Future Steven's gardening is a depression hobby, which I related to in a big way.

  23. How could OOP’s MIL not realize it was a bad idea when she had to lie to the priest? I’ll never understand being so devout you sin in service of your faith

  24. It's the exact same reason lying under oath to get on the SCOTUS is acceptable because it's for the "greater good" of overturning 50 years of constitutionally protected human rights regarding reproductive health care choices to these people. It's gross and hypocritical, but the most religious don't let factual statements about reality get in the way of them remaking the world in their image.

  25. She is lining her pockets w her corporate connections. She thinks she will get a cushy lobbyist position w the corporations.

  26. She called the cops on protestors waiting outside the bathroom she was hiding in on the campus where she was teaching a class on how to raise money from corporations, but told the police the protestors had followed her into the bathroom to film her. Fuck her.

  27. A present from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Dunno the price, but I was "oh shit!".

  28. Oh no, that sucks! My shot glass from Disney World got murdered by the garbage disposal. It was more the sentimental value because that trip was my 21st birthday present, aka American drinking age. I know this is completely off topic, but the sentimental value of a mug from Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam spoke to me.

  29. North Carolina witch reporting in. I also voted. I'm sad about Cheri's loss, but am relieved that our governor can continue to protect reproductive rights. The state Supreme Court on the other hand does not look good...

  30. On this election day, the first nation wide one after the fall of Roe, I hope that all the forced-birth fuckers eat shit. This woman ruined her own family and refuses to see it. If / when any of her children have children, I sincerely hope they consider keeping mother dearest far away. She has no respect for the autonomy her children have. She is acting like her children are her property to control, not people that can and should get to make their own choices.

  31. Yeah the guys a piece of shit. Based on the timeline wife was at home with a newborn baby or was very pregnant when he was cheating on her. Shows just how important his relationship with her was. Shes beautiful and they had great sex, the moment that stopped for a second he was out the door. Not hard to tell what part of his wife he values the most

  32. That's what is crazy to me too. She was likely out of commission due to being in the 3rd trimester and then officially unable to have sex after the birth so her body could heal. He doesn't talk about how she makes him laugh or that she's great at whatever hobby she has. It is all about her physical body.

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