1. The pie is good but the strawberry banana is where it’s at!

  2. Dang ya ninjas are rich! I still put a bag on ice in my rez

  3. Lol dang? How u manage to fit all that in there?

  4. Looking good! She will be potent how big is she

  5. You’ll see check out my gorilla cookies on my page all I deal with is autos she’s on time u might stun her with LST but it’s rewarding In the end

  6. It’s easy some u know the black paper binders clamp them on your pot. Get the green plant ties and that middle stem gently pull it to a L shape not to break it though a couple of hours she will be bending back it to the light then you shape her the way you want with more ties and paper clamps it’s going to increase that yield like a mo fo

  7. Finally! Someone does what their supposed to do!

  8. yes now it is. i got home from work and it wasn’t running so i ran to grow store to exchange

  9. The pump running I meant even if it wasn’t running

  10. She’ll be fine even if wasn’t just make sure u don’t submerge the roots all the way under water

  11. Yeah I’m growing one now it’s my second very potent and if u can get the strawberry banana too

  12. I like ti visit but i can’t line in Jersey though.

  13. Looks good but you’ve over defoliated. I’d only take off enough foliage to open up the bottom for airflow or to remove vegetation that won’t get light and could lead to pests. Also if that duct tube on the right with the fan aimed at it is your exhaust id set it up to pull spent / air from the top of the tent. Fresh air in from the ground and exhaust out the top. Good luck with the rest of this grow, looks good 🤙

  14. Pull it up higher? And don’t defóliate anymore? I hear mixed methods when it come to defoliation how should she look then? I just want all the buds to get some light

  15. The bud sites don’t do much of the photosynthesizing, that’s what the fan leaves bring in light for. The photos before you defoliated looked right. I wouldn’t worry she’ll be fine but as they regrow I’d be way less aggressive. If plants didn’t need leaves the wouldn’t wast energy and resources growing them. Cleaning up the plant some to accommodate the indoor environment is helpful but they really do need their leaves, fan leaves grow your buds more or less. In terms of the duct you want to pull your exhaust air from the top of the tent and bring in fresh air from the openings near the floor. Cool air is heavier then hot air so doing this will give you more effective climate control and it’ll take less energy to cool the tent

  16. My man! Thank you! I’ll send u a pic tell me if I’m doing it right

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