1. Scrolled too far for this one

  2. For years now, I have waged a private war against whoever decided that American soccer broadcasts MUST cut away to a closeup of the fourth official holding up a sign with the number of minute of extra time. Regardless of what is happening in the pitch.

  3. We'll disagree I guess. Love the place, the food and the proprietors. Never had a bad meal there and I have had many.

  4. It's objectively terrible. I'm sure the people are great but the food is not.

  5. You sir are doing the Lord's work

  6. Michael Stipe was in it (152). I have to be honest, given some of the ommissions, I was surprised he was.

  7. It's no coincidence their first LP was titled Murmur

  8. Well Colorado since you only paid $1M that means you only get 1 goal and 1 assist.

  9. I'm of two minds here. He basically had to rebuild a group that was completely shattered and devastated by missing the previous cycle.

  10. Yeah poor word choice on my account. I'm not blaming him for not having a 9, I'm blaming him for not tactically dealing with the reality that we have no 9.

  11. Let the lamination begin!!!!

  12. That's a whole lotta "45 minutes down, FORTY-FIVE TO GO"

  13. Wow, free agency has really blossomed this year. There are some names on there that would improve any club.

  14. The options at GK alone are pretty incredible

  15. Love the yellow accents and the watermark style stripes...very cool kit

  16. I'd be curious to see what the league avg price per point is and if it differs between east and west

  17. You are awesome, thank you!

  18. So if we don't lose to Violette we get to get knocked out by Leon, very exciting

  19. We should be the Haitians the rest depends on our off-season acquisitions :)

  20. Good for us. He's got pace and decent service but struggles on defense and in front of goal.

  21. FCD FO deserves a shout for most improved. On the field they went all out for Paulie, Lletget and Velasco. Of the field, the marketing has been good and ticket sales have shown that. Still work to do but they followed through on the #NewEra moniker they went with.

  22. At the risk of sounding too much like "Texas is back" I agree with this "comeback FO of the year" take.

  23. Non-texan here, I respect the 'texas is back' attitude. Run with it. Get hyped!

  24. Well that phrase has a very specific and opposite meaning in regards to the that's really the risk there.

  25. If this goes to pens, does either team have an edge?

  26. Well, one team has the GK of the year so yes.

  27. Dear Mr. & Mrs. Aaronson:

  28. Just go to Micklethwaite's instead. Why anyone would stand in line for 4 hours for BBQ is beyond me.

  29. That’s what everyone seems to think but, as far as I can tell, Nico and his staff really like Jose Martinez. We also have Nkosi Tafari as a promising younger center back. I’m not convinced that the club sees CB as quite as urgent of a need as the fans do.

  30. Letting Hedges go and signing Long wouldn't be bad in terms of drop off in quality....the hit to team leadership on the other hand isn't great but the FCD FO has shown that they could give a shit about locker room unity when there is money to be made (or saved in this case).

  31. We played Tigres around July 2021 IIRC in a friendly. I was super surprised how many fans came out for it. I was at a hotel for a birthday staycation and our whole floor at the Fairmont was Liga MX fans

  32. Idk if it was Tigres or Pumas but I do know this:

  33. Now imagine Hany with a striker who actually scores?

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