1. In 2012 I won two platinum SXSW badges from a do512 Twitter contest. It was amazing. The TOS for purchase of tickets didn't allow for transfer the ticket, so they gave me cash to cover two. This was while they were at their highest price (a few weeks before SXSW) so I only bought one platinum badge and pocketed the rest. It kind of ruined me for all future SXSW tbh, because after I had the platinum badge, I never wanted to attend it again with the peasants, so that was also the last SXSW I ever attended.

  2. It was really a good year. I have a lot of great memories from that SXSW. Some awesome shows and experiences.

  3. Better than the dumb egg photo that held it previously.

  4. I've lived here for 20 years and have been dreaming of moving somewhere where there is less hype and no waits. I really think after I move away from Austin I need to move somewhere chill. I lived downtown for many years and was everywhere all week long but as I get older, I feel I have anxiety being places where I used to enjoy because there are just so many more people. I know that's a trend in most places as it gets more crowded but that is just how I feel. I don't nearly go anywhere or want to be around a lot of people.

  5. No. We requested an appointment and they never responded. It might be easier these days.

  6. I just upped my 401k contribution amount last week, so hoping to get some good discounts here.

  7. Ticketmaster has turned into this hellbeast of a ticketing system since COVID. It was always bad, but now they do this pricing tier system for tickets based on "demand." So like a popular concert can easily be SUPER expensive for decent seats. I checked out tickets for Kraftwerk at ACL live when they first went on sale and the tickets were like $350 each. I do find that if you wait until the last minute, the prices seem to actually decrease, if they have any left, that is.

  8. Every time I have compared prices or reliability of products from Walmart+ to Amazon (which I already have a membership for), it seems that a lot of the sellers seem fishy/scammy. I know it is the same for some Amazon things, but I have learned to investigate on the Amazon side to see if it's reliable/authentic by reading a lot of the reviews. Interested in people's experience with it.

  9. I haven't seen many this year on any of our flowers. We live near Springdale Farm so I think they used to have some hives there but now since it's being redeveloped, I am afraid the bee population has dwindled near us.

  10. Just email support at TCAD. They will respond.

  11. Evidently you too can own this from the website someone mentioned in the comments:

  12. Yes, it's worse this year. After 20 years, I've not really had allergy issues since I tried more natural ways to avoid it, such as daily saline rinses and occasional allergy pills/sprays. This year, however, I have to do all three to be able to breathe. I actually thought it might be our new house leaking from rain/having mold, but after some tests, it is really just allergies. That and the excessive summer heat and humidity which is about to begin, I'm not looking forward to the summer. I also feel the humidity has been worse (increased) over the last 5 years too.

  13. If it's like the apartment complex that's near my house, people will either not pick it up or pick it up with a poop bag, but then throw it on the side of the road/sidewalk. My guess is they want to "appear" to be picking it up if someone is watching, then throw it on the side of the road when they are out of eyesight.

  14. I saw Girl Talk about 10 years ago and then realized he just was playing the album on his laptop and dancing around.

  15. My new neighbor just got a porsche and lives in the area. Is it silver and does it have california plates?

  16. Tell me you live in Austin without telling me you live in Austin.

  17. The octopus is such a breathtaking vessel! The aft wet dock for the support vessels is amazing.

  18. Our girl is the same way before she goes on a walk. She starts nibbling on us she gets so excited she can’t stand it. Sweet things.

  19. I lived downtown for 10 years but moved away (still central) 10 years ago. I would wake up early in the mornings and ride my bike all through downtown while it was still cool and there was no traffic. The roads were empty and hardly anyone lived downtown, so it was empty and magical early in the mornings (especially on weekends). I'd ride my bike and then end up on the Pfluger ped bridge and just soak up the morning sun, then I would get back on the bike and bike down to Whole Foods where I would grab some breakfast from the hot bar. After that, I would ride back home and get ready for the day (shower, put on sunscreen, charge my phone), then usually join in for a group bike ride somewhere, then likely meet up with some friends at Barton Springs. Then I'd go over to the original Cheer Up Charlies on East 6th and sit outside a bit and have a refreshing drink. I'd probably be there for some show/event and then I'd ride back home downtown. I really do miss those days.

  20. I added it when they initially rolled it out because it was 6 months or a year at half the price if you signed up initially. I thought I'd try it out, but you are right, there is hardly anything available, so thanks for reminding me, I cancelled it.

  21. Our problem was that we were looking to cash out in the next 5 years and relocate, but with the increase in the mortgage rates, now we can't afford as much house as we wanted so we will likely stay for a bit longer.

  22. We kind of find ourselves in the same boat; our thought process was very similar. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with interests rates in the next couple years. Back in the early 80’s with similar inflation issues, mortgage rates shot up to ~18%.

  23. Yes, well I definitely don't see the mortgage rates going down in the foreseeable future and likely to continue to increase to starve off inflation.

  24. Why are you looking at condos? With Condos you will end up paying a guaranteed HOA fee. You are better off with a SFH and no HOA. You should still save up the money for home repairs/improvement, but condo HOAs are notoriously high. It's also a bad time to buy now since the interest rates have gone up so drastically. This means monthly mortgage rates are hundreds of dollars more than they would be just a month ago (with lower rates). I would hold out if you can.

  25. In some weird way, I can see this somehow raising the Tesla stock price.

  26. Probably tax assessor assessing the property valuation of your property.

  27. Our rescue uses a gentle leader and it's so effective. She has some weird vascular issue so if she gets pressure around her neck, she exhibits some eye issues. It's been a gamechanger and it feels much more humane than choking a dog.

  28. If this was a city golf course, it would be cleared out in no time.

  29. Yes, that is my point. "Ball" golf gets all the attention. I bet those Save Muny people would be clutching their pearls.

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