1. God damnit 😭 I’m just trying to get it for the Seal as well, I don’t even want the weapon itself

  2. Sorry but the "exotic ship from zero hour" doesnt make any sense unless you mean the gun, because if thats the case then absolutely any ship or sparrow or ghost shell thats exotic makes no sense period

  3. No, there was a ship you could get from doing the nanite refocusing or whatever it was each week. You also got the catalyst for Outbreak

  4. In game Vault Access. Sorry DIM, but this would be so much faster since there’d be no need for slow API calls.

  5. Hell no. Would be nice in PvE but the amount of backlash they’d get for that in PvP would be insane. Also, GLs in PvE are lowkey meh except for HGLs, wave frames, and Witherhoard

  6. Respectfully the worst post I've seen on the sub in a while

  7. uj/ Negativity breeds discourse, feelings of content don’t

  8. Slugger sounds like a slur at this point

  9. uj/ this persona-specific AI text to speech bot is scary good

  10. Forbearance (craftable) is the best pick of your requirements. Salvagers Salvo can be a stop gap while you’re farming for Forbearance and bought at the Monuments to Lost Light. Nezarec’s Whisper if you want a glaive.

  11. Phoenix Dive grants instant healing to you and allies, while also granting Restoration x2 and Scorching while Heat Rises is active.

  12. Heat rises is a shit ability anyways, especially considering AE changes. I’d be fine if they removed every effect Phoenix Dive gave except for Cure and lowered its cooldown

  13. Let Cayde stay dead. I hate when stories kill someone off only to bring them back later with some unprecedented power

  14. From Hardest to Easiest (excluding niche OoB routes and low man raids):

  15. You forgot making a public event heroic with a bunch of newbies.

  16. Every class complains EVERY season though. This season and last season were pretty much all Warlocks complaining though. Season before that it was Hunters, with the whole ONLY having Invis and nothing else for the new Void 3.0 class.

  17. Because Warlocks have a reason to complain. But so do Hunters and Titans. Warlocks have issues with Dawnblade (in PvE and PvP) and Stormcaller (in PvE). Hunters have issues with Nightstalker (in PvE). Titans have issues with Behemoth (in both PvE and PvP). The reason you see more Warlocks is because two of their subclasses feel incredibly underwhelming compared to the other two and besides a buggy and very inconsistent slide melee, have nothing to cheese PvP whilst Hunters and Titans have invis spam and Knockout + Grenade spam (respectively).

  18. Says the guy complaining in a comment about someone else's opinions. Get real.

  19. No, they said not yet as they’d need to make more substantial changes than a half-season timeline permits. So nothing until after Lightfall releases.

  20. Outbreak is so stupid because the nanites from headshot kills don’t count… so I’m punished for slaying out when fighting a group of enemies?

  21. The most competent and dedicated PvE players will grind the raid out until they have every armor piece (to transmog later), every weapon crafted, the raid exotic, and the title. That’s enough.

  22. That is until you run into a Shadebinder :) I love shutting down Striker titans

  23. Shadebinder? I don’t think I’ve heard of that.

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