1. Yeah totally unreal for going into a retail store reeking of weed. That type of etiquette gives weed a bad reputation. Is this not common sense respect? Shits worrying if not lol

  2. This sub has so many new, uninformed, uneducated and aggressive folks. Yikes!

  3. HaHa, I couldn't see anything but the nail.

  4. This batch of Freshies is outstanding! The current batch of Animal Mints is almost too potent for me, KO’s me out every time.

  5. Banana MAC is nice its def got a true banana note to it, smoking it now. Very nice, like you said not sedating at all but def ripped.

  6. Freshies is something special flavor wise, lmk what u think!

  7. One thing I’ve noticed is both strains are VERY functional and euphoric. Just in time for the sun

  8. This one might be the most flavorful strain I’ve tasted this year

  9. Woodward’s latest batch of Animal Mintz & Animal Face are at 31% - they might be on sale sometime this week

  10. Appreciate your feedback I’ll definitely be checking out the animal face

  11. Thanks they blocked me on Instagram after mentioning I found seeds in my $90 jar of RuntZ 😂.

  12. I saw seeds in a batch of Cereal Milk a while ago. Woodward still makes easily the best flower you can get from an Ohio dispensary. I wish their top-quality were the norm for medical, but in reality, it's the only truly sticky, well-grown bud around.

  13. Yes!! You reminded me of the cereal milk seed! I also found one

  14. I’ve considered that but it should just be more transparent from the start. Most dispensaries never answer a phone. Also most dispensaries already have long wait times on sale days. I just waited an hour in the lobby, now I change my order at the checkout window holding up the rest of the line and taking more time for them to get the new product.

  15. Good point, however most of the service industry are terrible about answering calls. Example: Airlines, chipotles, Cincinnati Bell stores, Kroger customer service, my barber. Lol too many to mentioned honestly.

  16. Nice, thank you for your continuous research on the topic!

  17. Cresco is the Wal-Mart of weed

  18. Try sour blue diesel, it’s the closest to blue dream imo

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