1. It's to be expected when our largest and most powerful industry has tax exemptions for most of its practices, and subsidies as well.

  2. Alternate title: Reynolds and the GOP focus-group their messaging and shroud their unpopular policies in culture-war rhetoric about "parental rights" and "crime" to distract and divide us. All while encouraging us to hate our neighbors and fellow citizens if they don't fall into line and vote the way we want them to.

  3. It still can be. I feel the flag is just a reminder to get back to the days when Iowa made nation-leading civil rights advances. It wasn't that long ago, and I'm confident we will get there

  4. I appreciate you posting this. There are a lot of things in our state going the wrong direction, but nothing is set in stone. The only failure is giving up.

  5. That is chicken soup. "Voters have the power" llusion, and false positivity. It's already happened. It's done. It's a complete restart, at best. It's a set back of years and decades for woman, children, schools and all LG communities that will take decades to restart.

  6. Ah yes, the siren call of despair, stoked and promoted by people here and abroad who want us to fail and feel hopeless. Stop doing their work for them.

  7. It will be whoever people show up to vote for in the GOP caucus/primary. up and vote for the person you think will do the best job out of the options available.

  8. I wish we could frame this more rationally instead of defaulting to entrenched partisan fingerpointing that prevents people from engaging honestly with the information.

  9. These polls continue to show that Iowans are dumb racist shitheads who continuously vote against their own best interest.

  10. The polls show the state has complex ideas about legislation and governance. If we have common ground on some issues, it makes more sense to work to find or make common ground on others, instead of bludgeoning them for not immediately understanding why our perspective is the one and only one worth seeing.

  11. Classic. One side is taking rights away and the guy is like “we must simply come together in what we agree on.”

  12. Yeah, because telling people who don't vote like you that they're "dumb racist shitheads" has been super effective in promoting progressive ideas for the past decade.

  13. Here is another set of stats, this time from Bard

  14. Those numbers are wildly different from the other numbers you confidently shared earlier. And again without citations to the specific data sets used.

  15. So YOU try then. I mean I get that the person claiming should provide the evidence, but when you go for the numbers what do you find?

  16. Reputable and thorough journalists have already done the work, cited their sources, and provided the context.

  17. If you can keep calatheas alive, this guy shouldn’t be a problem. I find them WAY less fussy.

  18. What a nice set of comments on that post. It's like the opposite of the daily roast that we usually have here.

  19. That's gorgeous! Did you wait long to capture that?

  20. The shit-tier Reynolds memes lately have been really pretty tedious.

  21. I know I share a lot of political stories, but I would love to see a moratorium on Reynolds posts for a month. Where attention goes, power flows, and we are shoveling a shitload of attention her way every day.

  22. Sorry for calling you an asshole. I’m just so sick of seeing negativity. While your posts might call attention to important topics, they rarely become constructive.

  23. No hard feelings--I am kind of an asshole but I don't think sharing politically-relevant content is the reason.

  24. It is strange that our legislators would spend so much time and energy passing a bill for this non-issue, instead of doing something about our water health, wages, healthcare, or any of the other complex issues they should be dealing with.

  25. I'm not sure that just not having to see him on his grifting tour through Iowa would really make this relevant to the sub.

  26. I don't like the state interference, but I understand the frustration. The entirety of the Story County board of supervisors is in Ames. There's a whole lot of Story County that isn't Ames and I've definitely heard some frustrations from residents about that. Similar situation in Johnson county and Iowa City. Don't get to Black Hawk as much but seems likely the case with Waterloo/Cedar Falls.

  27. Are there literally no other counties in the state where the supervisors are concentrated in the most populated/"urban" areas? Why not proactively apply the legislation to all counties, to ensure that as cities and populated centers grow, the rural areas are not left out?

  28. I'm sure there are. But can you think of any others that have 12,000-33,000 residents that vote but will be gone in 4 years? (the vast majority).

  29. Are you of the opinion that most, or even half or a third, of those students actually vote in county supervisor elections?

  30. Honestly--I loathe LTT and oppose book banning, but I can see where parents might be concerned about a book giving a step-by-step guide on "sex apps" to find people nearby for hookups being available in a school library. I'd love to see the additional context around that snippet.

  31. Lol good luck with that. Abortion is murder. A fact Dems hate.


  33. Until the opposition gets its shit together, we're going to get worse. I think the Republican legislator they quoted was right when he said Democrats have lost the ability to talk to locals. We need leaders who can explain progressive positions to people. Rob Sand is great, but he's only one guy - right now the democratic party and progressives in general are a little too good at winning internet arguments that don't matter. We need to turn out votes or move.

  34. J.D Scholten doesn't get enough credit or attention as a Democrat trying to speak to rural voters. If you don't already, follow his "

  35. Why did that one GOP holdout flip flop on this?

  36. I am skeptical at nearly half of Iowans participating in two and a half hours of aerobic activity every week.

  37. "I am, somehow, less interested in the weight and convolutions of Einstein’s brain than in the near certainty that people of equal talent have lived and died in cotton fields and sweatshops."

  38. Can you expand on that? The article is about an Iowa high school student who has done quite well for herself within the state's public education system. Are you implying that a similarly talented student will not be able to succeed in a few years based on the Iowa GOP's current priorities?

  39. I'm always so paranoid that leaving drops of water sitting on the leaves will cause problems, I turn the fan on until they are dry (thus eliminating any small benefits a temporary boost in humidity might add). Yours seems to be happily enjoying the droplets!

  40. Curious post history, unnatural word choice and phrasing, fashy loaded emotional terms....

  41. I don't have kids. This doesn't effect me, and my opinion on it won't effect anyone else because this isn't an issue that I'd vote for or against. I also went to a private elementary school, then public 6-12. So I've experienced both types of school systems.

  42. So many pinkos in these comments 🤮 it's gross. Trans women aren't women, let's see who all loses their mind.

  43. Pinkos? Did I miss trans people organizing to seize the means of production?

  44. I've been called a communist / socialist / libtard since I've been in grade school, even though I fully support private property rights and private capital. Conservatives have always namecalled just like liberals and have never, ever been willing to consider my arguments.

  45. Yes I agree, Iowa is a red state now. The state is moving in the direction that the majority of Iowans want. I browse this sub because I always encourage liberals to migrate to MN because I do not want the GOP to gain a foothold up here. If Iowans like democratic policies, but not democrats, then they can live with the consequences of GOP governorship.

  46. Segregation and further retreating into entrenched ideologies isn't a solution anyone should be willing to accept.

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