1. Same i dont really like usseewa either, its overplayed to death in coop so im glad we’re getting a break with this cheerful carnival

  2. Listen I really like mafuyu but her casual outfit is not it

  3. It makes her look like a hospital patient idk

  4. He’s a 1st year student and she’s 2nd year

  5. I didn’t know shiho and shizuku were related…and without this knowledge I shipped them…I have learned from my mistakes but it was an embarrassing time 💀

  6. Me too.. i felt sue of side all when i realized..

  7. Happy bday hope you have a great day :)

  8. I had to change to vs for near bc the vocals were annoying me 😭

  9. i also like ichika’s “you’re all amazing”. whenever somebody else uses it in multilive it makes me happy

  10. It was evident to me from the beginning that Team F had the serious folks. I don't know how they all decided to pick this squad. It doesn't seem to be random. Did the serious people get on a discord or forum? No idea. From day one, Team K has just been getting roflstomped. I picked Team K because that is where the one friend and one other family member I have picked. And it has not been pretty.

  11. I picked randomly but yeah i do fit ops description so i dont know how this happened.. i can only offer a prayer to karuta

  12. there was that one upside down akito card recently that did this to. also that one shiho card on JP late last year. i think that people who’ve seen it know what i mean.

  13. They fact that its untrained is also crazy tbh

  14. Its bad luck. Ive been waiting for shizu and she has yet to come home..

  15. Ichika cd encounter. Only got miku. Rip

  16. Jp was released before en so en gets everything a year after jp

  17. dont know it must be easier to organize plus en players know whats coming and what to save for so i see it as a plus even if it takes a while

  18. Its in the crystal shop in a new years pack

  19. Totemoitai Itagaritai, no one talks about it and it's such a meaningful song and a great cover

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