1. Everyone I know is cutting back pretty hard on "non-essential" purchases, not surprised that video games might be seeing a slight downturn even during sales. Video games aside, just going out for dinner you can see places aren't filling up like they were early this year. It's looking rough heading into 2023.

  2. Borderlands pre-sequel had all Australian voice actors... Cos it's on the moon, so it's space Australia.

  3. Loved the “Australian-ness” of pre-sequel - I swear there was a lunatic Ned Kelly as a boss?

  4. Wow. India being this progressive is not something I would have expected.

  5. It’s a country of fascinating contrasts. Arguably the single most right wing, reactionary, nationalist government in India’s history (The INC have really made themselves unelectable for a long time) but the Supreme Court is arguably the most progressive it’s been in decades

  6. Grasshopper Manufacturer? Well, seeing what the hell Suda51 conjures up for an Alien game could be serious fun. An inspired, but very odd choice of developer!

  7. Yea but this is how news is reported? Politico isn’t kotaku, it’s an actual news source, this type of thing won’t be published if the sources aren’t good.

  8. Exactly - this is a real news source bringing up what their sources have said. Not some random gaming site with opinion pieces, this is a big time investigative news agency putting there reputation on the line

  9. I’ve been trying to say this to people for months now, as someone who also follows the M&A space as well as financial markets.

  10. Incredible type-up! I think your point about political points is a very good and very important one I missed - there is actually fairly strong bipartisan support to "crackdown" on Big Tech as of late. The "big tech is too big" narrative is shared by both Republicans and Democrats in the Senate and the House.

  11. This probably feels like a bombshell to anyone outside of the M&A space. This acquisition which is fairly unprecedented in size and scope was never a sure fire guarantee, and the high level of scrutiny and criticism it has attracted from regulatory and government bodies should really be unsurprising.

  12. My only two guesses - Divestment from certain parts of Activision Blizzard (either agreeing to sell them off or have them spun off as independent companies) or regulatory mandated guarantees to keep certain games on competitor platforms for a defined timeframe (I would say in perpetuity but I don't know how you could realistically enforce that on a business)

  13. Simu is definitely not wrong about how inaccessible Hollywood has been to minority groups for a long time, Tarantino and Scorsese are also definitely accurate in there assessments of the MCU and what MCU "Stardom" actually means (lets face it, no one is going to Shang-chi 2 thinking "damn can't wait to see the next Simu Liu movie).

  14. This plus the second tweet feel like very lazy criticism to throw around against a director who is absolutely not just a "white movie" director (talking about Scorsese specifically but to a lesser extent this is also true for Tarantino).

  15. Edit: this 10 year deal is from 10 November. The below is outdated now

  16. They only offered the 10 years on November 10th so it doesn't really change anything from Jim Ryan's statement there

  17. I think I need to learn how to put two and two together better. Thanks for pointing that out

  18. grown man spends his money that he worked for on stuff that he likes

  19. Yeah like can anyone in this sub say they haven't spent money on something they're passionate about in a way that seems silly to an outsider? Glad this dude is just having a good time spending his money how he wants in ways that make him happy

  20. Can't imagine why it would. I'd imagine it's a big morale hit for a while but the truth is no matter how many people are shocked to see that an unfinished game looks unfinished, the game will be an absolute smash hit regardless because it's GTA and everybody plays GTA.

  21. the shock from some parts of the community over how it looked was so weird because for a game that is still very clearly in development I was actually quite impressed by how a lot of it looked? If anything it actually made me more excited for the final product

  22. I worked 10 years in a wonderful boutique with good culture. they exist. I’m sorry you may be dealing with a toxic one

  23. I appreciate the support :) the buck stops with me on this one so I’m gonna really sit down hard and evaluate whether it’s right for me to stay or go now

  24. I love all these supportive comments. Keep it up guys.

  25. Yeah I am so so thankful for the support and understanding! It’s been incredibly comforting to get all this advice

  26. Are any of these AAA full games, or just a bunch of tech demos?

  27. Doesn’t seem like it - the key AAA day one title does seem to just be Horizon VR at this stage

  28. I'm surprised they have yet to make a deal with Valve to port Half-Life Alyx over. It's easily one of the best VR games and it would have been nice to launch it alongside PSVR2.

  29. Wholeheartedly agree. I’ve been a little put off by the steep launch price of the system but having a “killer app” like Alyx or RE 4 VR would’ve made the cost more digestible.

  30. This looks like an excellent VR kit but oh man, that price is a tough pill to swallow. Not sure how that price point is going to attract newcomers into the VR space

  31. The biggest shock out of this story is that Klandace Owens has a line that she won't cross. These two clowns are made for each other.

  32. Is there anything confirmed/heavily rumoured for what is meant to be taking over this space? The two I’ve heard have been either Uniqlo or K-Mart but I have no idea if either of those are substantiated

  33. H&M, the company that owns Uniqlo, has said no Canberra store in the plans.

  34. No Uniqlo in Canberra still! What a shame, I can’t really think of too many stores that could occupy that storefront. It is massive

  35. A cooking show with Dan Levy hosting is all I need in my life

  36. “Bill me for the repairs later”

  37. This line is very important from James about the situation: "What and when we knew is different for certain members of our team..."

  38. Nightmare scenario to navigate…..sounds like things were handled as best they could be on yours and the teams end. Glad to hear that everyone at Funhaus old and new (except for Adam) seem to be still on great terms, and I’m really sorry to hear that you were all failed by RT HR

  39. I work in tech (not in America but for an American big tech company) and you can see the bubble just waiting to burst… this isn’t exclusive to Microsoft, Facebook, Google etc.

  40. Oops yep, will drop an edit! Think my brain was trying to decide between writing 1000 and 1K and I ended up typing out that genius instead

  41. A maturing economy struck by Zero-COVID economic impacts, an ongoing and soon to be utterly disastrous population decline and a housing market on the verge of collapse.

  42. There is no greater pain that being an ex Kanye fan… did we go from The College Dropout to this 😭

  43. The creatives that formed the heart and soul of Disco Elysium getting pushed out due to pressure by investors enforcing a sequel is a bit too on the nose

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