1. As someone whose bi male coworkers compliment them regularly, it's genuinely nice

  2. Joke's on you, getting pissed does in fact make me more powerful

  3. Suddenly they realize underwater gameplay sucks (also Lagiacrus sucks and I'm tired of people whining for him to come back)

  4. Unratha/ Playing GS in 3U is not fun because of the terrible depth perception you have whilst underwater, even when fighting Ceadeus (one of the largest 3rd Gen monsters). I did enjoy fighting Lagi underwater, however it’s always the fans that make me not want a monster to come back, same thing with Gore, he was alright (not the best imo) but the constant ‘can we have gore’ every time new info was released about World, IB, Rise and SB just made me hate his fans.

  5. I wanted Gore back specifically for Chaotic, THAT fight is sick

  6. Becoming a Critikal and JSclatt clone is not improvement, he's stale and needs to do more on his original channel

  7. Imagine buying a skin that should have been an event quest reward

  8. Can shell out for a weapon skin, can't buy a personality

  9. Says the person talking shit simply because I bought a fucking weapon skin in a video game.

  10. Yeah, dumbasses like you add up and make shit worse for the rest of us with a semblance of restraint

  11. Pyro's Live channel is just MoistSchlatt. :/

  12. Maybe if Event Quests weren't shit, it would be okay. But they're reserving the good shit for paypiggies

  13. ACAB, but some poor retail worker has to clean that up. Come on

  14. Has to navigate via smell now, poor bastard

  15. I find Insect Glaive lets me keep up with him better than other weapons.

  16. Sucks that the majority of armor mods are for female characters

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