1. Freelance motion graphics in Los Angeles.

  2. Cool! Do you have a portfolio I could check out! I’m a freelance Mographer as well… would love to connect!

  3. I haven’t made a feel or put new work online since 2009, LOL! I have a handful of studios I bounce around between and just haven’t needed it. You work in LA?

  4. Nope… I’m from India. But I try to connect with as much motion designers as I can…and back in 2009 I was still a kid. So I’m probably a noob compared to you 😅

  5. Two words: multiple orgasms…. I’ll show myself out now…

  6. Movies reflect reality and at the time reality included that

  7. I did a little digging into this actually. Apparently cousins getting married to each other was common in Kerala… but that was way back and it actually reduced significantly in the 90s. So what I’m assuming is that the directors and scriptwriters of these movies were influenced from what may have happened during their childhood. If you notice, most movies nowadays are influenced by events that may have happened in the 90s and later.

  8. Trust me, it was still common in the 90s. It reduced late 90s. 90s and later is like 33 years now.

  9. Either way it was cringe as hell and I’m so glad we don’t do movies like that anymore… totally ruined Summer in Bethlehem for me…

  10. It’s the fbi agent. Probably reading your file agreeing to it.

  11. I’ve been using both of them. Go for Airtel. While they are expensive I’ve had good service from them. Not to mention a lot of good packages that include Disney plus subscriptions and Airtel Xstream…. You also get to see how much data you used, how much is left and easy bill payment options in their Airtel app… Asianet on the other hand is just crappy service. Internet cuts off randomly…in my case it used to happen twice or so every month. It would take an hour or two to get fixed. And if you want to see your usage details you’d need to visit a very old website with a very crappy user experience. It’s not even worth trying. Sure they have decent plans but the overall service is pathetic in my experience.

  12. It says former but still they are used his attire in bjp clothes

  13. Former president… doesn’t mean he’s not part of the “diaspora” now… he’s just not the president now.

  14. Hey OP, I married my girlfriend from a different culture. And one thing I never did was consider her a second option. If your so called boyfriend really wanted you to be in his life, he would have fought for you. But looks like you’re a second option to him. Even if you get married to him it’s only going to go downhill. You’re not going to be accepted by his family completely, unless he makes you the first priority. My suggestion, time to break it off and move on. You deserve someone who is brave enough to stand with you even against the people he love the most. Otherwise it’s never going to be a happy marriage.

  15. A lion in the Savannahs: I’m gonna eat that… I’m gonna eat that… I’m gonna eat that…I’m gonna eat that… ooh a photographer, I’ll strike a sick pose first… and then I’m gonna eat that… I’m gonna eat that… I’m gonna eat that…I’m gonna eat that…

  16. Everyone wants to fight Superman for the reason…same thing here.

  17. There’s more to the story that needs the eye. Yes Norway is known for its strict child support laws. It was one of the first countries that introduced child protective services. But if anyone has read the news properly you’ll see that it was indeed an abusive marriage. Norway wasn’t exactly the villain in her story. She couldn’t handle her autistic child while she was already taking care of her youngest and being in an abusive marriage. Even when social workers took away her child she had to fight for them alone. Her husband divorced her while she was fighting for her children, citing that she was mentally unstable(a classic excuse most divorce cases have everywhere on the planet). Norway moved the child from foster care to her father’s brothers house and the mother had to them fight the case in the high court of Calcutta. She had to fight for them alone. The husband seemed to be out of the picture. The reason Bollywood is going for the whole Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway was because it was a classic “David vs Goliath” narrative that everyone loves to hear( check out all your favourite movies you’ll find most of them have a weak hero taking on an overwhelmingly strong villain/villains/situation) . Bollywood wants to capitalise on that and the collective Xenophobia that’s rampant in our time.

  18. Why didn't you say the same thing about Bandit Queen movie on Phoolan Devi?

  19. I didn’t know such a movie existed…also I’ve only been active on Reddit in the past few months. Joined a long time ago though but never bothered.

  20. Erm… whispers don’t they know that’s exactly what we want them to do?

  21. A person who doesn’t have a vision for the future can only obsess over the past.

  22. It’s not just Indians. The whole world is being fooled. It’s always better to make it at home. Not only do you have control of what goes inside you but cooking food as a family strengthens bonds.

  23. I love dogs but I’m not gonna bring them home because I travel a lot and it wouldn’t be right of me to bring them home and then go away leaving them to be starved and not taken care off. Instead I donate to people who take care of them. Last week I donated to a couple who were trying to help an injured street dog recover after getting hit by a car. It’s entire hip was broken without repair when they found it. Since I knew the couple personally I helped out financially. Now the dog has found someone who can take care of it. Just wanted to let you know that there are several ways other than adopting, by which people can help out. There are people who are allergic to dogs, or travels a lot or sometimes even ave a phobia of them. They don’t have to adopt.

  24. You replace grass with people and it’s pretty much the same.

  25. I feel like Bob Ross would have been a good friend to Van Gogh. Their styles don’t match but they would have found comfort in each other’s friendship and spent all day painting landscapes in their own style.

  26. People saying that he shouldn’t complain and can just go on a tour somewhere else while this is sorted don’t realise the sad fact that unless someone influential is affected and they complain, most governments don’t take an action. Mammooty speaking up against it isn’t him seeking attention, it’s him helping create a louder voice against the government’s lack of efficient action. He’s trying to help.

  27. I had gone for the last biennale. To be honest I was disappointed. As an artist myself, I appreciate art if there is a story that people can decipher or an effort behind which clearly shows. But most of what the last biennale showed was just pretentious and lazy. It felt half assed and incomplete. Just my opinion.

  28. I went for search and rescue during the 2018 floods… we went in row boats. Was quite an experience and faced a lot of drama apart from other risks. I’m sure there will be even bigger adventure stories to be told from the fisherfolk who went even before we did.

  29. 30… and my dad has a huge debt of 350k USD. It’s not something he intended to be in but sort of happened because his business had trouble during covid. He never asked me for help until now. He wants my younger brother to take over his business as soon as he’s graduated from college but I don’t think they’ll be able to clear up the debt the way he runs his business. I run my own business as well, and I figured I can clear out the whole amount in 5-6 years if I put in a little extra effort. So yeah that’s what’s on my mind now. How to put that extra effort to help him clear it out.

  30. Thomas Edison… Edison did not shut Tesla down. George Westinghouse did. He provided funds for Tesla’s projects and when Tesla couldn’t deliver on time, he withdrew his funds. Most of the what happened to Tesla was because of him. And it was him vs Edison and not Tesla vs Edison. But the media twisted is to Tesla vs Edison so the story would fit the whole “David v Goliath” narrative. Also Edison didn’t forcefully buy and steal experiments. He bought inventions from inventors who were financially struggling and needed the money.

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