1. No it's not. Most people didn't even know what a GameCube was back then.

  2. Judging by this comment section, I guess I'll just sit this one out.

  3. YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND? dude… get the winking kit… you have to wink at her when you say bye🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Not specifically Beat Saber artist too. Camellia makes music for rhytm games in general, not for one exact rhytm game.

  5. Well, 3 of his songs were specifically made for Beat saber... he also did an ad for them lmao

  6. Same, but unless you have mods, Cametek only has 9 songs in vanilla i believe

  7. True, but he's made songs specifically for Beat saber... multiple times

  8. Karin Boor is basically a Subaru Brat... immediately buying it.

  9. I dug through the files out of curiosity and confirmed that first and foremostly

  10. I see this photo almost every month now. Stop with willz, he's great, just not in Jack's new era.

  11. Just Cause 3 is hands down one of the most underrated games of all time.

  12. Technically 12 but I'd say 2 because it was the day after and Mario was the only game I played for about 2 months.

  13. Now I can play Astral Divinity in 6 fps instead of 4 fps, thank you.

  14. Much like most subs now. Reddit is slowly being more and more mainstream with middle aged folk. Pain.

  15. It says on the box which ones aren’t there bc of shortages, pays to read the box

  16. Oh, I know. I don't quite like figurines so I much prefer the plushies. :)

  17. Oh, I know. Though I still like the plushies, and wanted to express that. :)

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