1. As others said, it’s a flow issue. You pick up your dribble at the hip, and pause. Try various dribbling/catching situations where you can’t start from the hip.

  2. It was EASILY Michael using Billy’s handicap as a crutch to validate his. Wheelchair, brushing teeth, etc. Billy was simply worried about Dwight because Billy is an upstanding gentleman.

  3. You didn't have reception, then walked outside, got reception, read their message, then drove off and told them nothing can be done? Perhaps their message was not friendly, but your willingness to use the reception once you got outside was nonexistent.

  4. Records are icing on the cake, but rarely regrettable to have missed in an otherwise successful career. That’s all.

  5. I can honestly say I use Reddit many hours a day due to working from my phone... And I've never got to say this in a thread.

  6. yep thats it wait till mom gets involved bro ur fukn finished

  7. A real account. The whole fight I didnt know who was gonna win but I even kept tellin my friends “this is weird seeing a slightly passive volk if he would just turn old volk back on for a round hed stomp” (and he did in rd 5 🤣😂)

  8. No Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001). 227 fucks in that movie, I remember as a teenager watching it witj friends and keeping count.

  9. Odd, do you know if there's multiple versions? Because we did the same and we always got to exactly 250. The reason I remember is because we thought it was some sort of limitation.

  10. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back has exactly 250. Sadly, it doesn't appear that movie is loved as much as a I once thought.

  11. At Oklahoma State COWBOY football games, on their huuuuge tv screen, you see a clip of Doc yelling "You tell 'em I'm comin'...and HELL'S COMIN' WITH ME!" The gates open and the team runs onto the field! The crowd goes crazy. Tradition.

  12. As the other comment states, it was Wyatt. But no matter, what matters here is OSU is my favorite football team. I attend Bedlam every year and have seen this happen in person. Go Pokes!

  13. Whenever I'm about to do something, I think 'Would Zelenskyy do that?' And if he would, I do that thing.

  14. Add some crunchy peanut butter and call it the nutty rooster

  15. The wonders that PB does to some otherwise ordinary foods is underrated. Breads? PB Pancakes/Waffles? PB Oatmeal? PB Ice Cream? PB Some fruits? PB Some Veggies? PB Spoon (FOR DARWIN: SPOONS ARE NOT FOOD)? PB

  16. I'm kind of split on that. The fans wanted a Championship as much as the players. Plenty of the diehard fans probably really don't care how they got it, since MLB is going to keep recognizing it. Not saying I approve of what they did, just saying I'm not sure how much this fits the question in teh end.

  17. I think they're referring to the Houston Texans of the NFL rather than the Houston Astros of the MLB.

  18. She's super wholesome on stage and her dad watches from the back. Met them and have a picture with the little scout in her prime. So great.

  19. For my own education: what does the term “judicially cognizable interest” mean? And how does it apply to this lawsuit?

  20. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong: I think it means it doesn't meet the basic criteria for deliberation, and that not even a single member voted to pursue it.

  21. I stayed up 112 hours studying for my Anatomy final. On the walk to class, anything that was supposed to be lots of singular things, specifically leaves, were a big BLOB. Also, any vent I would look at was spilling smoke. Afterwards, went back to my apartment and ate a ton of chicken nuggets and watched Strange Wilderness twice before knocking out.

  22. Refused - New Noise That song is a whole mood in itself.

  23. I will never, for any reason, do anything, to anyone, for any reason, ever, no matter what, no matter where, or who, or who I am with, or where I am going, or where I've been, ever, for any reason whatsoever.

  24. Can you give us a bit of background information?

  25. Best friend of over 20 years married a girl about 7 years ago, she ended up becoming addicted to drugs and he left her. I did not tell him happy birthday today due to an extended schedule, she found out and ridiculed me for being adopted, and apparently a bad friend

  26. Not certain if you mean if I am him, or if I'm fucking him lol Red is my best friend of 22 years.

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