1. When you acknowledge systemic racism instead of ignoring it (i DoN’T sEe COloR) then you start to preemptively consider how certain laws, social norms, etc. can be abused by racists.

  2. Fuck this angle treating everything as horizontally equal. The NYT is playing into the hands of the right wing by making it about an ability to debate. This is a continuation of the fucking liberal claptrap that got the real NSDAP elected to the Weimar and has been getting analogous candidates elected in America.

  3. More of us should be putting out articles and other kinds of media showcasing the counterpoints to this kind of propaganda.

  4. The cactus and Kiwi made a great combo, if you are looking for a sauce that is both spicy and sweet, this one suprised me big time.

  5. Not to be annoying but WELCOME20 only took $20 off

  6. Oh - doy my bad thanks for the response

  7. They also contributed to a school board member who really wanted voters to know that she would shut down critical race theory in Grapevine schools-even though it was never implemented in their district and touting this stance only served as a racist dog whistle.

  8. Put in the work, put in the hours onlyfans is only 6 dollars WOO!

  9. Man, how are you going to hold Fash Fest in Arizona and not invite Joe Arpaio?

  10. I do agree with this, however do find it a bit suspicious that the standout characters he portrays have quite a bit of racist dialogue.

  11. Or they'll just check out of voting because they know they're disenfranchised and let an ever smaller group of right wing assholes drag the country further right.

  12. I watched J6 with this in mind and thought centrist dems were going to understand that knee-capping progressive candidates during primaries and belittling black and brown voters when they lost the general election wasn’t worth emboldening a political faction that literally wanted to hang centrists.

  13. FR…apparently a lot people are totally cool with being racist if they’re imagining responding to something they weren’t present to witness.

  14. Didnt the nazi party literally sit on the far right wing of the german parliament in the 1920’s - you know, opposite the communists?

  15. Sounds like a paramilitary group like the SS (or SA in fact).

  16. Not to mention doublespeak; you’re constitutional sheriffs but you’re actively trying to limit freedom of speech? le of t

  17. You cannot tell me amphetamines arent in play here

  18. So they’re just trying to pull a lazy version of Rwanda at this stage.

  19. Ironically, the top state on that list has a democratic governor and this dude seriously skipped over that low hanging fruit to act like stats were a stupid way to gather info.

  20. Louisiana also, but let’s not kid ourselves. The deep red legislatures run those states.

  21. If I didnt live in a state where everyone and their mom was armed to the teeth this would make a good bug out gun

  22. Why do you say that like it's a bad thing?

  23. Lol its definitely not for now but if you a picture a scenario where you have to travel long distances on foot itd be a lot more convenient if you only had to carry fairly light ammunition that you dont have to shoot too often

  24. Blood and Honey 2: Tigger Finger

  25. The amount of 0 fucks she gives about this potential child is staggering. She just wants to get pregnant. If she wanted a child she’d consider adoption before a random sperm donor. Not to mention having the child grow up in where half their parents won’t want them.

  26. “Hey mom, why has my childhood a series of bitter custody battles?”

  27. You know they’ll cry false flag. These fuckers are pathologically incapable of accepting responsibility for anything.

  28. I mean their base is probably on board with the assailant and stochastic terrorism isnt really met with consequences so at this point I dont get why theyre even gojng through the motions of damage control after events like this.

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