1. Thank god I had tissues nearby because it was just TEARS!!! Loved Sam from the beginning and I am so happy for her. She deserved it.

  2. Great display of how a woman can enforce and uphold misogyny. Her son would have probably thrived being raised by an emotionally intelligent parent because you can see he has good in him. Sad.

  3. Also his mom saying “he has everything he needs in my house” OMG

  4. It gives me my former MIL vibes. Can’t imagine why he and I didn’t work out… lol

  5. Thing that upset me the most was him incorrectly using “Habibi”. That’s used for men. Habibti is used for women. Ridiculous…

  6. I was married to a Thiago and they’re all trash

  7. curious to hear, did you think he was acting like a player? or the girls were misperceiving?

  8. I think if someone is using the same lines and stuff on multiple women, that’s a big shady. Obviously we don’t have 100% insight into everything, but if all of the women he spoke to are saying “oh, he told me the same exact thing” then that’s a little icky. Obviously there are general questions one initially asks everyone upon meeting and stuff, but if there were things he was doing that seemed a little pick-up line-ish and was saying that to all of them? Nah…get out of here.

  9. Honestly, the fact that she still believes him, and has made Romane the bad person/problem, despite his actions and hiding and lying….wow. Just wow.

  10. This! How did she hear everything and go, “it was all Romane,” and sophianne didn’t flirt or take advantage of the situation

  11. Exactly. Especially after he’s been shown to be a liar. Plus when she flipped out after hearing they danced bachata was wild. She was more angry at Romane than she was at him. That Romane was somehow the bad person, and deceitful for not telling her last time she saw her, and all this other madness.

  12. Honestly, you are doing all the right things. It passes. Just stay vigilent and get Vitamin D and some time outside if you can. Monitor your O2 levels and watch for lung issues. For everyone I know that was vaccinated, it stayed away from the lungs. Just hang in there. Things do improve.

  13. I have an Apple Watch and have been sure to check oxygen levels and so far nothing alarming which is great. I’m having zero difficulties breathing which I’m not going to complain about. Long may that continue lol. Thank you!

  14. So, you have made a good start, in my opinion. Pack your endurance and try not to be impatient with your body. All of the symptoms are because your body is fighting for you.

  15. First timer here. After days with a fever, a high fever at that (103.6)… now I have a cold and lost my sense of taste and smell. The sinus headaches have been so bad. My nose is dry but head feels congested and it feels hard to breathe through my nose. Anyone else experience that? Its makes me feel claustrophobic.

  16. Get a regular saline spray, a warm air humidifier (or do the whole head over a pot of hot steamy water/steamy shower thing), or get those Breathe Right strips. Will open you right up.

  17. I haven’t had luck with a humidifier or steam shower but I’ll try the breathe right strips! Vicks makes these awesome shower steam tabs that turn your bathroom basically into a sauna.

  18. Yep, I actually have some of those lol. They’re pretty great.

  19. There are fiblets/white lies and then there are things with the intent to deceive. People have those age ranges for a reason, so for someone to try and trick that is a sign they aren’t respecting those age range boundaries.

  20. Honesty is always the best policy. If he’s lying at the start, he would lie about almost everything else.

  21. This. I literally JUST went through this. If someone can easily lie about something so small, there is nothing stopping them from lying about something big.

  22. Psych evaluation to weed out personality disorders such as narcissism and borderline which can harm people who they come into contact with (especially romantic interests) Many people are neuro-divergent (ADHD, ADD etc) and there should be no stigma attached to this in the psych evaluation. Same goes for long term mental health problems that are under treatment - so long as it is disclosed and discussed to potential partners!

  23. Those aren’t things that can be sorted out after a single session. That can sometimes take months to get a proper diagnosis for.

  24. Honestly, with how second to last episode of the season went I felt they could’ve ended it there and I would’ve been OK with it . But then the following episode dropped another “oh fuck” moment that had me really curious about the next/final season.

  25. There was a spoiler that some of the couples get married and another couple that didn’t get married are actually together now, so…yeah.

  26. Wow, definitely had me going “WHAT?!” at that video at one point

  27. I once dated woman PhD tenured professor. Smartest person I ever met, and I thought it was great

  28. I dated a guy once who had 6 degrees, and got his PhD shortly after we started dating. He was going for tenure and everything…and the guy had the audacity to have an affair for 9 out of the 13 months we were together.

  29. I honestly do NOT get why people are so into that series. There is so much sexual assault, and it gets rather graphic too. Seems every single major character on that show has either had it happen to them or attempts were made. Absolutely no thank you. Plus I don’t think it’s particularly “romantic” that Claire was barely in that other time era before she started up a full blown affair despite being married.

  30. I think the 2018 Shiny & Oh So Bright tour was essentially the reunion tour since the majority of the set lists were songs from the original lineup albums. The night I saw them on that tour in Baltimore happened to be the 25th anniversary of Siamese Dream’s release and they mentioned it at the show. It was epic!

  31. I saw that tour and the set list was amazing for it.

  32. It must be in the NDA. Say I love you FIRST-10k. Second $10. Talk the longest with no actual content $100. $10 per drink you consume. Proposals- $250– if they say yes- 25k.

  33. NDA’s are different than contracts. An NDA is essentially agreeing you won’t share information.

  34. Did you catch in his proposal his “spend the rest of my life with me”?

  35. Yes!!! I was like his life?? He can't even say our lives??

  36. Or “spend the rest of your life with me” or “spend the rest of my life with you” lol

  37. Literally just finished watching that moment, and the fact that he’s all “you rolling?” and then starts to put in a ton of eye drops to where it’s rolling down his face, and then is all “I never thought I could care about someone so much it brings me to tears” or whatever and then the fake sniffles. Literally said “WTF!!!!!” out loud.

  38. ive had some say the opposite? That the blacks descend down to GoT?

  39. Apparently he has a disorder that causes you to perceive music visually, which adds so many layers to the pieces he composes imo.

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