1. Only time I’ve had your product was candy cake and it was loaded with seeds! Smell and look were incredible aside from seeds.

  2. We definitely considered medication. We went to one of the largest hospitals in NE Ohio to get him evaluated for autism, and they can’t fit him in until next year.

  3. I used to live in Akron and they told us it would be a minimum 12 months before we could get an appointment just for the diagnosis. We moved to Cincinnati and got him diagnosed at Cincinnati children’s within 3 weeks. NE Ohio needs to step up and provide more resources and funding for ASD

  4. I and several of my friends have had good luck at Don’s Auto in Blue Ash. Honestly though, brakes/rotors are really simple stuff and any of your local Meinekes can handle it.

  5. Bsfl posts make me so happy. Congrats on your hyper efficient scrap processors!

  6. Cincinnati has been the same for the past week. Top surges I’ve seen this last week have been $26 when it wasn’t uncommon to see multiple $42/$35 hourlys. Fucking Amazon

  7. Is this the same area that they just found all those rare earth metals? Feel like they could use a little democracy…

  8. Guessing you are an OHIO native ? I too have a collection of blossom and riverbend posters

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